Monday, November 12, 2012

List-making is a great comfort. Today’s London-related tasks are to order food from Cook and to choose what I am going to wear. Is it clean? Ironed? Fit to be seen in public? I’ve just looked Loop up on Google maps and moseyed virtually around the neighbourhood. That bit looks easy.

Mary Lou’s scarf is now about 7” long. It’s looking good. I weighed the current ball this morning on my digital kitchen scales and find that 74 grams remain out of 100. That ought to mean that the scarf will be about 28” long when I’ve finished this ball, and there are three further skeins, so that’s fine. Or ought to be.

I have given more thought to the ideas I mooted yesterday. Does Boxy have too much fabric at the sides (=under the arms)? If you follow that Ravelry link, contemplate the model with her arm outstretched. I went back to Helen C.K.S.’ blog (entry for 1 November) and looked at her other idea, Kim Hargreaves’ Cerulean. Might it suit my purposes better? The neck wouldn’t have to be quite so low. It would be worn over a shirt anyway. I added it to the queue.

Soon Christmas will have to be added to the anxiety-queue. Perhaps it should be there already.

And that that point, I find I have run out of thots.


  1. Anonymous12:09 AM

    Your readers are looking forward to the chronicle of the London adventure. Sounds like a terrific break!
    Lisa usually in Toronto

  2. How about the Crosscut Pullover by Véronik Avery in the Winter 2012 Knitscene?

    A-line but with a bit more shaping with a v-neck and lace at the shoulder?

    I think you would be lovely in Madtosh.