Monday, November 26, 2012

I had thought there was nothing to say about knitting this morning, but James just sent this pic of the jabot in action again at the Beijing St Andrew’s Ball.

The grizzled facial hair was a surprise.

And Helen C.K.S. writes that she’ll be at Kaffe’s do this coming Thursday. I think that’s probably the day we’ll come back from Strathardle and I think I’ll be too tired.  I’m sorrier to miss seeing her than Kaffe himself.

Not much progress with the scarf yesterday – the dread Sunday Syndrome. I grasped, this morning, that if I want to put in a safety pin and thereafter measure only from it, I’ve got to put it in at the business end of the scarf, where the knitting is going on. I am appalled that that obvious fact escaped me for 48 hours.

So we’re all set for Strathardle. The Good Lord refrained from intervention. Back here Friday, I hope.


  1. Is James's facial hair for Movember?

  2. Anonymous12:42 PM

    That jabot is truly excellent!
    Has your son ever reported on how the jabot is received at the ball?
    I really doubt anyone else has a hand-made one, unless it was inherited from a few generations earlier.
    Enjoy the quiet of your cottage.
    Lisa in Toronto

  3. Anonymous11:00 PM

    Jabot looks wonderful, everthing it should be - a masculine froth of snowy lace!
    - Beth in Toronto

  4. Thanks, Jean, that's a very nice thing to say :) I hope the weather softens a bit while you're in Strathardle, and that you are rested rather than exhausted when you get back.