Wednesday, November 07, 2012

It’s all right for you guys – you were tucked up peacefully in bed by midnight.

Three good things: there’s no work for the lawyers this morning, discussing hanging chads; Theo and Jenni can stay in Washington, where they’re happy; and the American president isn’t beholden to a foreign power. I am thinking of Mr Adelson – his vast wealth and tremendous contributions to the Republican party will have put even a man as rich as Mr Romney under an obligation, and an obligation to Mr Adelson is an obligation to Israel, and that isn’t the best position for the President to find himself in as he approaches the problems of that troubled region.

Something will have to be done about campaign contributions one day soon.

It is noteworthy that no one of the four men most closely involved yesterday, is a WASP. Tempora mutantur et nos mutamur in illis, as someone once said. (“Times change, and we change with them.”)


I knit peacefully on yesterday. I’m going to have too much yarn – I haven’t actually measured, but I’m well into the second foot and haven’t quite finished the first ball of yarn. Presumably I’ll want about seven feet in all. I’ve just spent a moment on Ravelry to see what to do with leftovers. A hat, is an obvious possibility.  And I am much struck with Jared’s “Cinder”, but I probably wouldn’t have enough for that.

I didn’t do anything about finishing the Wingspan or the hat. Tomorrow is the 8th birthday of our youngest grandchild. I wrapped and addressed his present. I love giving, but I hate wrapping. (Just as I love knitting, but much prefer starting to finishing.) In the afternoon we walked down to the Brandon Street post office (since we have nothing more local any more) and dispatched the package and took a bus back. We have often done that little outing before, but yesterday it was almost too much for my husband.

So I thought I’d let myself off finishing, when knitting time finally came. Similarly, today’s objective is our flu injections. The appointment coincides rather awkwardly with lunch time. I think that’ll be enough for today.

Tomorrow, maybe, for the loose ends.

Still no news from Jimmy Bean. I think I could track the package if I applied myself. I was interested to read that Helen C.K.S. recently experienced a delayed transatlantic package. Hers was travelling westwards. I had blamed Sandy, but her dates don’t fit that hypothesis. Maybe they’ve just slowed down.

She also inspires me – same link – to think again about going to hear Kaffe on the 29th.

Dawn, I’m glad you said what you did yesterday about the comments here. They’re the best bit of the blogging experience for me, by far.


  1. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Spent this morning in Beijing burrowing through the fire wall for election news and twitter updates. had some excellent charts of data.
    I enjoyed the BBC World Service radio coverage.
    Whew I was relieved at the election results - I did not want the USA to become Margaret Atwood's the Handmaid's Tale. Canada's too close.
    Lisa usually in Toronto

  2. I think whoever came up with the saying "why do today what can be put off until tomorrow" must have been a knitter facing loose ends.

  3. I appreciate your comment about Adelson and agree wholeheartedly. I served as an election judge yesterday, a process which restores my faith in democracy. However, today I am too exhausted to function. At least I'm happy!