Sunday, November 11, 2012

We had a good walk around the perimeter of the grounds of a National Trust house in Musselburgh. Glorious weather, but it was not quite a long enough or sufficiently taxing walk. Next time we’ll pick a tough one. The house itself was closed for the season. We’ll have to go back.

The big news is that the yarn from Jimmy Bean has reached Edinburgh. I got the tax-letter on Friday, and paid at once. Delivery promised for tomorrow. So I can take a skein to London next weekend to show Ed.

I’ve embarked on Mary Lou’s Reversible Cable scarf in the Colinette yarn. I thought the first attempt looked a bit narrow – the yarn may not be quite as Aran as Mary Lou intended. I didn’t bother with swatching and gauge calculations, given that it was a scarf. I ripped it and added another two columns of ribbing – 12 stitches – and like the look much better. The yarn is super-soft and will make a wonderful scarf.

But do I have enough yarn? Perhaps I’d better press on until the first skein is used, to find out. And I’ll take it along for train-knitting next weekend. It’s fun to be doing something slightly challenging. The down side is that progress is much slower than on the brioche stitch plain-vanilla scarf.

New topic. I think I may have made something of a discovery.

I had occasion the other day to empty a drawer and put its contents in another drawer. So the target drawer had first to be emptied. Its contents consisted of Little-Worn Clothes, among which I found these:

There’s a lot of knitting there, a lot of good yarn, Nothing exactly wrong with any of them. Totally unworn. What they have in common is that they’re jackets. Plus there’s the Round-the-Bend, which I do very occasionally wear; and now the Mitered Jacket. What I do wear – but I’ve knit many fewer, by comparison – is sweaters (and a vest) that go all the way around.

I went back to Helen C.K.S.’ recent blog entry and added the Boxy pullover to my Ravelry queue, so that it wouldn’t get away. What I’m wondering – and it’s a very alarming thought for a number of reasons – is whether I should abandon the Japanese shirt and use the beautiful madelinetosh yarn for a Boxy.

Or for the Anhinga, another pattern I learned about from Helen C.K.S. She knit that one, and wasn’t desperately pleased with the result. Looking at the finished projects in Ravelry, I think it especially suits really skinny wearers and neither Helen nor I entirely qualify. Still, it has its tempting aspects.

I’ll leave these heretical thots on a back burner while pressing ahead with Xmas scarves.

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  1. Will you ravel the sweaters to reclaim the yarn?