Thursday, November 22, 2012

I got to Franklin and back in pretty good order by writing down all the things I had to do, and assigning them to be done on specific days. Maybe I’ll now try the same approach to Christmas. I feel I have done terrifyingly little so far. Today, get out the left-over Christmas cards, and the list, and spread them around on the dining room table. Order more cards as necessary.

The Reversible Cable scarf continues well. I didn’t get as much done as I hoped on the long train journeys, but I knit industriously as I travelled across London, north to south, south to north, four journeys in all. I’ve passed the half-way mark and continue very pleased with the result.

We’re planning to attempt Strathardle next week. The weather is wild and wet, but so far open. I’ll take the scarf along. Those long winter evenings by the fire…

I had a brief look at my antique knitting books yesterday, and came away more impressed than ever with Franklin’s abilities. So often one does not even know what the finished object would be. “Gentleman’s Comforter”, for instance. What aspect of the gentleman is to be comforted? Franklin tried to help us past that fear by setting us to knit something in class from an old pattern, without telling us what it was.

I think I might begin by going back systematically through his articles in Knitty, maybe even printing them. You can get a list of them by searching Knitty for “Franklin Habit”. Here’s the “neckerchief” my partner and I were assigned to deconstruct in class. The articles are fascinating, Franklin’s curiosity and tenacity truly wonderful. Maybe one day a book?

Which reminds me – Arne & Carlos now have a book of Easter knits. That’s three books within a year, by my count – I was knitting Christmas tree ornaments from their first one just 12 months ago, and we’ve had a book of dolls in between. Come on, boys – it’s sweaters we’re waiting for.

While I was there, Amazon led me on to this. I had to have it.

The new IK has turned up – nice enough, but nothing I want to knit except perhaps some hats.


  1. Ruth in Ottawa2:37 PM

    I seem to have the vague impresssion that a comforter is a scarf. The Amazon link is a hoot - I can see why you had to have that one!

  2. A list is usually a helpful approach. I always start with a few items I have already done so that I can tick them off straight away.
    I don't know if you have come across Persephone books? They have already sorted out some of my Christmas presents - lovely books of the kind that Virago once pioneered. The end-papers alone are a thing of wonder.

  3. I immediately ordered a copy of the book from the Amazon link. Even though the shipping was more than the book, I had to have it.

  4. I clicked the link. I knew I shouldn't have clicked the link. Of course, there was no way I could resist buying that Knit Scotland book. What makes this even worse is just yesterday I ordered the new Easter Knits book by Arne and Carlos.

  5. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Jean, I love reading your blog. i don't comment often, but I read it every day, and look forward to it so much. I've enjoyed reading about your trip to London. A trip to Loop is on my wish list for next year
    Liz Phillips

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  7. Thanks a lot Jean, up until now I didn't even know that my life was incomplete without my own personal hand-knitted wee Billy Connolly!