Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I’m stalking Franklin. I am one of his 1,000,005 friends on Facebook, and I can tell you that yesterday evening he was complaining about the lavatorial facilities (lack of) in the Admirals Club/British Airways lounge in Philadelphia airport. Does that mean he’s on his way? Does that mean he travels Business Class? Watch this space.

Yesterday was rather successful. Life moves forward, as you know, on various tracks. I cook, wash up, make the bed, clean a little if the house is lucky; Track One. I get ready to go to London, Track Two. I push at the boundaries of chaos a bit, some days, Track Three.

Yesterday, Track Two, I ordered two meals from Cook and agreed a delivery slot; and decided on my costume, although some modest ironing is still needed.

And, Track Three, I phoned the furniture restorer who has the things that were damaged in the April Dining Room Flood. A picture-hanging session is planned for Saturday afternoon, in my absence, and we needed the sideboard back to judge the position of the pictures in relation to the whole room. Alexander will be here. He’s good at that sort of thing.

The sideboard arrived yesterday evening, sooner even than hoped, and it looks splendid. 

The nice man also put our corner cupboard back up for us.

In the inevitable way of life, where one success spawns three more chores, my husband started pressing at once for me to replace the contents of the sideboard and corner cupboard. For the last few months they have been dispersed hither and yon.

So that’s Track Three for today. On Track Two, I hope to get to Marks & Spencer to renew my underwear. It is all very well to walk around Edinburgh with one’s invisible layers in tatters, but I don’t feel it’s appropriate for London.

But the Really Big News about yesterday is that the madelinetosh yarn for Ed’s gardening sweater arrived, and it is beyond beautiful. It is no use trying to show you a picture because you’d do better to go to Jimmy Bean (or any madelinetosh site) and look up Firewood. It will be such fun to show it to Ed on Saturday.

I’m thinking the Saddle-Shoulder or the Seamless-Hybrid from KWT, if Ed approves the neckline. My husband will wear nothing but v-neck. I have a vague-ish feeling that the original EPS has been judged to be tight at the underarm, and that there have been modifications. Not all that long ago, Meg walked us through the EPS over a whole year in Knitter’s. I’ve used those issues to knit a sweater, and it shouldn’t be beyond my capacities to find them again.

Daisy, thank you for the pointer to Veronik Avery’s Crosscut Pullover. I like it a lot, except that the hem is level and I have an unsatisfied longing for accidental-looking unevenness. 


  1. I imagine Franklin flies whichever class suits Dolores ;)

  2. =Tamar8:01 PM

    I would expect Franklin to want to fly in whichever class Dolores is not. Congratulations on getting so much more done than I ever do.