Monday, November 05, 2012

We enjoyed having Archie here – and even put him to work hanging a picture. He seems to be happy at school. Merchiston is sporty, and we had all been afraid that rugby would make his life a misery. But it sounds as if he may be enjoying it. He is in the Hopeless group, but of course he is not the only one. They turn out for training several afternoons a week without (apparently) any serious pressure, and it’s all rather fun.

Knitting not so good: the long rows to finish off the top of the Wingspan are taking longer than I calculated, and I made things a good deal worse last night by stepping on and breaking one of my beloved KnitPic circulars. I’ve done that sort of thing before. Will I never learn?

I’ve not yet finished recovering the stitches and transferring them to a metal needle. When that’s done, there will be some errant stitches to repair, always slow work in garter stitch. But surely I will finish today.

I’ve been thinking about books – I’ve got too many.

I have more knitting shelves in the bedroom, but there too the books have escaped and are piled on the floor. Could I do some pruning? I fear not: even the most useless -- "Knit Your Own Royal Wedding" -- are of sentimental or archival interest, and I not infrequently find myself searching for an long-unused one which has suddenly become relevant.

I could, on the other hand, fairly easily, I think, pick 20 to take with me into the Old Folks’ Home when the day comes. KwT, “Knitting Around”, “Knitting Workshop”, Sharon Miller’s “Heirloom Lace”, a cable book, a Fair Isle book, some Bavarian travelling stitches, Vibeke Lind’s “Knitting in the Nordic Tradition”, maybe Brown-Reinsel’s “Knitting Ganseys”, Mary Thomas’s Knitting Book, Debbie New's "Unexpected Knitting", a stitch dictionary? A sock book?

It might be amusing to firm up the list. It’s easier to leave books behind these days, when we can take the internet with us.

Here’s the picture we hung:

I don't understand why the photograph insists on remaining sideways. I easily rotated the one above, as usual. I rotated this one, too, several times, but Blogger goes on loading it like this. 

The hanging wasn’t entirely easy. You will notice that the steps are turned the wrong way around. When they were facing the right way, there wasn’t room for the picture between the top of the steps and the wall. So we had to turn them like this, and the picture-hanger had to stand on them backwards, facing outward.

My job was to measure and calculate the necessary length of string across the back of the picture so that it would be in the right position when the string went over the hook (which was already in place). I got it right, and am proud of myself. Geometry is not my forte. My husband actually secured the string – wire, in fact – to the picture and then went away and left me and Archie to wrestle it up the steps.

Archie took the snapshot with his telephone.(Does the rotation problem stem from that fact?) The sweater is Shaefer yarn, I’m pretty sure, now of some antiquity. I was glad to see, when I looked up that link just now, that they’re still naming yarns after famous women.


  1. One can never have too many books. Ours are double and triple stacked in the shelves. Yours look much tidier!

  2. Ruth in Ottawa2:15 PM

    I agree wholeheartedly - there's no such thing as too many books. I confess to deluding myself that I have "enough" knitting books until I see a tempting new one or a reprint of a sought-after out-of-print volume, especially the latter.

  3. I have yet to meet a knitter who doesn't also have a huge collection of books. The only knitting books I was able to part with when I did a major bookshelf cleansing last year were the few I had picked up at used book stores. I justify owning Knit Your Own Royal Wedding by telling myself that someday I will knit the corgis. :-)

    I'm glad you had such a nice weekend with Archie, and I am sure he enjoyed being pampered for the weekend.

  4. I've had this same issue with photos I've taken with my iPod Touch. I haven't yet figured out a fix for it.

  5. Anonymous5:33 PM

    You've really set me thinking about knitting books. Which do I use most? Which could I part with? which one would I want if I was stranded on a desert island? And then what about the knitting magazines? Hundreds, and I love them all. I've decided it can be a problem for someone else when I die!!
    Liz Phillips

  6. Hello Jean, I left comments on the 2 former posts you wrote, giving my opinion about the Colinette website. I don't know if Blogger tells you about comments posted on older posts so I thought I would let you know here as well.

  7. Catriona10:39 PM

    Hello Jean

    a propos of nothing I was wondering if you'd seen this article:

  8. Jan Hughes5:58 AM

    Just ordered a Rowan/Kim Hargreaves book to replace the one I gave away when I moved last year. I KNEW I should have kept it! Knitting books are sacred. Don't let them go.

  9. Hi Jean...more reviews of the MS Surface:
    Here's a link about editing Word documents on an IPad:

  10. I've also had trouble with phone pictures. The iPhone wants them in portrait mode.