Saturday, November 03, 2012

The teeth stayed gritted, and I am well along with the final Wingspan triangle. Unless Archie’s visit cuts into knitting time more than I expect, I should finish today. Whoopee!

(The MS Word spelling-check accepts “whoopee”. So does Blogger's.)

And it is possible that my new KnitPics may arrive today, just in time to resume knitting brioche stitch in Cocoon. They were dispatched the day I ordered them, namely Thursday. Nothing, yet, from Jimmy Bean, but it is very likely that Sandy has disrupted transatlantic mail.

(My sister has got her electricity back, although some of her neighbours haven’t. Jared posted a lovely essay this morning about his days without power.)

I spent some time on Colinette’s website yesterday. It doesn’t deserve my pausing to look up the link. Did you find it as frustrating as I did, L? (L was the one who sent us the link to the Vatican Pie page.)

There are loads of different qualities of yarn, each with a non-revealing name. There is nothing for it but to click on each. Sometimes, that produces useful ball-band-type information. Sometimes, not. The individual yarn pages have a box called “description” which in some cases is empty. You are invited, in the sidebar on the first page, to "Choose a Yarn" and "Choose a Colour" -- dropdown lists are provided. The "colour" list doesn't include Vatican Pie. 

I chose a yarn called Art, after a struggle. It is 70-30 wool-bamboo. It looks nice, and it comes in “Vatican Pie”, and it’s described as Aran which is what Mary Lou specifies for her Reversible Cables Scarf.

Yardage? Recommended needle size? Gauge? For that, I had to go out into Google and find an on-line supplier, who of course had the necessary information up-front.

It was something of a relief to find that Colinette accepts PayPal. I wouldn’t have been entirely happy typing a card number into so dopey a site.

Still, the point is that I have ordered a scarf’s-worth of Colinette’s “Art” yarn in her “Vatican Pie” colorway. I have also, I think, figured out how to watch a movie on my iPad the way everyone else does. (It is rarely very difficult to figure anything out related to the iPad, if you apply yourself.) So when I go to London, a fortnight from today, I picture myself (after my delicious lunch from the Marks & Spencer shelves in the station) knitting Vatican Pie into a scarf and sipping white wine and watching, perhaps, Slumdog Millionaire, which I have never seen.

I’ll be travelling First, so I’ll have space for all this. With an Advance ticket and an Old Folks’ Rail card, it’s an affordable luxury, and it does make a difference to the condition in which one arrives.

Who needs Franklin?

I won’t be here tomorrow, what with getting to Mass and talking to Archie.


  1. MrsAlex9:04 AM

    Do so agree with you about the Colinette website - an exercise in annoyance!

  2. Hi Jean,
    Sorry it took so long to reply to you, I just spent a few days far without the internet and could not read your blog. Anyway, I always find it easy to navigate the Colinette website and order. Vatican Pie is part of the drop down menu, but somewhere in the middle of the list, it is not alphabetically arranged, for some reason. Being a librarian, I am used to this (not finding things where you expect them to be). So yes, I chose my yarn, my colourway and pay and get prompt delivery, in Belgium of all places. For things like gauge etc, Ravelry is a big help, and before Ravelry, I ordered 500g a a default quantity for anything Colinette and thought of a pattern later. It does not help, I know.