Thursday, November 08, 2012

I’m beginning to get more than a bit scared about London next week. Not to mention Christmas, looming ever larger. The to-do list gets longer by the moment, and nothing much gets done. I have tried assigning days to the items on the list. We’ll see what happens today (three items assigned). Shandy, with whom I will be lunching a week on Sunday, has sussed out the geography. That helps.

Meanwhile Franklin has a new post up this morning, cool as a cucumber. Nothing at all about making sure his passport is in date, or washing his socks. But he needs to get here in time to have recovered from the flight before the weekend…

The flu-injection thing went smoothly yesterday. Today there is no excuse for not laying that scarf aside and darning in some loose ends. Also, I knit our niece a pair of bright red Zauberball socks as part of my big Sock Project earlier this year. I gave them to her when she came for the Games, but there was a mildly worrying gusset hole and she returned them to me to have it closed up.

And I haven’t done it, although I’ve retrieved the right yarn from the odd-ball sock-bag. But she and I are going for one of our walks on Saturday – much needed – so I’ll do that today, too. It shouldn’t take as much as five minutes.

No yarn in the post yesterday, neither Jimmy Bean nor Colinette. (Actually, the madelinetosh for Ed’s gardening sweater won’t arrive from Jimmy Bean until I have first had a card from the Queen telling me how much it is going to cost me in duty and VAT.) I find I don’t have a tracking number from Jimmy Bean, although I can find such numbers for earlier purchases. Did I inadvertently delete it?

I’m not seriously worried. I’ll give it another week. One of the great things about Jimmy Bean is that they answer emails promptly.

But Colinette should surely turn up today. I mean to use it to cast on Mary Lou’s Reversible Cable scarf right away (right away after I’ve dealt with those ends) and then knit the two scarves on alternate evenings. The basic brioche stitch scarf  is now beyond 2 ½ feet and there’s still plenty of yarn in the second ball. I’m going to have lots left over.

Back in the great days of the Knit List, Selma Kaplan once threw an Imaginary Pool Party for those of us who couldn’t get to Stitches. We sat around the pool – she had had it put in that year when she won the Nobel Prize – and sipped virtual white wine and indulged in knitting fantasies. One of us spotted Kaffe, over in a corner, darning in ends.


  1. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Believe me, Kaffe NEVER darns in ends!!

  2. Gerri3:21 PM

    If he did, he'd still be at the party!

    Focus on the potential for fun in London. Why ruin a chance for fun, even the chance to anticipate fun with worry?

  3. We have a virtual commune in the group I'm in on Ravelry, complete with pool, dyehouse, meeting hall, brewery, winery, and cabana boys. We're hoping someone wins the lottery.

    Do what you can. Eventually it will all get done.

  4. When it is all over you will (like me)no doubt wonder what you were worrying about. Please have fun for the rest of us as well!

  5. Anonymous11:31 PM

    When that tomorrow becomes the today you were worrying about, you'll wonder why you spent time on what didn't exist ..... then....

    Knit List" --- ahhh ... that's a yesterday I miss today..still. tuck me in your pocket,eh?
    peace .. Elizabeth