Friday, October 03, 2014

And another follower! Hi!

I got around that first corner of the Rams & Yowes blankie with my i-cord edging, and am now half-way along the next side. More breakage, looking awfully m*th-like. So I must get the Unst Bridal Shawl out today without fail and see what's happening there.

Very miscellaneous

Ellen, I've never mastered spit-splicing. Maybe I should give it another go. Kate Davies recommended it herself for use while hemming the border down. This stuff should be ideal for the purpose.

Thank you for all your help with my keys. Mary Lou, I will certainly remember to make a donation on St Anthony's behalf, if he comes up with the goods. And Catmum, I will certainly try your Hungarian grandmother's tip, turning a drinking glass upside down while thinking of the missing item. That sounds good. Ellen, I don't think “walking backwards through my mind” is going to work, although I like the idea. There were only about 20 minutes, maybe fewer, between the loss and its discovery. I walked backwards frantically during the search. By the time we get back there, the memory will have faded, having already been disturbed by frenzy.

Foggy Knitter, of course we are praying to God when we pray to St Anthony or whoever. The idea is that God will pay a bit more attention to the request if it reaches Him with the recommendation of a particular saint. Quod absurdum est, but it makes things seem more manageable and human-scale.

Rachel (the bridegroom's mother) phoned last night, sounding rather hard-pressed. She said that Hellie has someone lined up to make her wedding dress – that's for next year's wedding. So perhaps I had better try to scan a picture of the Bridal Shawl for her. There are three younger granddaughters in the pipeline, so to speak, who could wear it if Hellie doesn't want to.

Our favourite soap opera, the Australian “Neighbours”, has got a yarn-bombing thread going. It is particularly silly because only three characters are involved and none of them can knit. I mention it only because yarn-bombing doesn't often feature in soap operas.

There are some pictures of Fair Isle Through the Years in the new magazine of the National Trust for Scotland. Not much knitting visible, except for a delicious pair of sweaters on two small children who are feeding an orphaned lamb.


  1. Perhaps you are too lady like with the spitting, or too gentle with the rolling the ends together. I love teaching this to students. Then I do go and wash my hands, really. Shetland is perfect for this - go wild.

  2. If all the other saints prove too busy or reluctant you could always try Saint Fanourios, the Greek saint whose name suggests his expertise. I believe there is also a pie you can bake to pique his interest although I seem to remember that that is mainly if you want him to reveal to you your future sweetheart in your dreams. But perhaps he's branched out since my childhood.

    Good luck with the i-cord, and yes, don't be frugal with the spitting and the rolling. Rubbing against jeans or a similar material worked best for me, I found, for my Northmavine hap, and that was with J&S too.

  3. Did you know that there is a worsted weight Boxy? Much quicker than the fingering weight version...