Friday, October 10, 2014

I'm going to try to have it all, today:

Take Archie to the airport, collect the spare computer, back in time to go for a walk with my husband (what about lunch?), and then -- the killer -- instead of a delicious little nap, tea with an elderly neighbour -- even more elderly than I am. She lives three stories up, directly above us. The climb is arduous.

So I mustn't linger here.

I went on with the Bridal Shawl edging last night. My mind has got itself back into gear with the pattern, but fingers continue to have trouble. Rows kept turning out to have the wrong number of stitches. I think one more evening would be prudent before I revert to tidying Rams & Yowes.


  1. Good luck with the edging - and what sounds like quite a big day. You may have seen it, but the Apple store on Princes St in edinburgh is due to open soon, and promises help to chose a laptop, set it up for you before you leave the shop, and help you learn how to use it. A nice new MacBook could be just the thing. LizM

  2. Hello Jean, I just stumbled upon Hazel Tindall's site. She has a new DVD or download, which is a 3 hour collection of her tips, tricks and tutorials, including how to use a knitting belt.