Thursday, October 23, 2014

The feelings of panic are as bad as ever – so they clearly have nothing to do with dental appts or delivery of packages of yarn. I got nothing whatsoever done yesterday except breakfast, lunch, tea, supper, a little expedition with my husband, and sewing some elastic into the cuffs of his bed socks which had become dangerously loose.

Today our niece is coming to lunch and to pick up Archie's old computer. I may have mentioned that transaction – he has acquired a big, heavy, fancy one for advanced game-playing, in anticipation of his 18th birthday next week. Our niece's one is tottering towards the grave, so she will now have Archie's (which is not really “old” at all). A happy arrangement.

It should cheer and steady me to see her. She is a wedding guest, too – the bridegroom's first cousin once removed, indeed – and she still has to go shopping for a dress whereas I just have to wrap up presents. She hoped to wear one out of the cupboard, like me, but says it doesn't fit any more. Hard to believe – she doesn't carry a spare ounce.

Jan, your report about the church where the wedding will be, is wonderful. I will forward it to Rachel, along with the article about Hilda and Michael. Some of my children read this blog some of the time, but Rachel, I think, least of all.

I finished Archie's swatch yesterday, and today will take meticulous measurements and – why not? – cast on. I also did another scallop for the Unst Bridal Shawl, and mustn't be tempted to abandon it. It was hard to start again after finishing Rams & Yowes. One a day will get me there in plenty of time – but I mustn't slacken.

Now, VK.

I would be terribly grateful to have your verdict on the Knowledgeable Knitter, Patience. (And I love writing to you, because P. is my favourite Gilbert & Sullivan, closely followed by the Gondoliers and Trial by Jury and the good old Mikado and you are the only real-life Patience I have ever known.) There are some other mildly tempting titles on the VK book page, especially, perhaps, Mucklestone's Fair Isle book.

There are lots of really good cables in this issue. I'm having serious trouble locating the item-number in some cases, but I think I'm right in saying that I love the little, cropped No. 2 and am extravagantly impressed by both 7 & 8. Indeed, if Archie thinks the madelinetosh Composition Book Grey is too purple, I can see it winding up as one of those. Five stitches to the inch, for both. I ought to be able to achieve that. Maybe I already have.

The cover pattern, No. 22, by Marie Wallin in Rowan Kid Classic, is also wonderful. The effect is brocade-like (as it says) and I had to look at the chart carefully to see whether it obeys the Fair Isle limitation of having only two colours per row – but I think it qualifies. I have often admired Wallin's patterns for Rowan, never knit one. This pattern, as given, looks too close-fitting for my taste (love my Relax) but that doesn't mean the stitch pattern couldn't wind up as a vest.

And in the pages showing yarns in the skein, I loved this one from Ancient Art Fibres. A Bluefaced Leicester – I knit with that once, and it is indeed delectable. How does this one look when knit? Is it strong enough for a sock without any reinforcement? Lots of nice things to think about.


  1. Anonymous10:42 AM

    I find the following are helpful for relaxation while on the move:

    - mindless music, classical music in particular

    - breathing in through the nose for a count of seven and out through the mouth for a count of eleven, three or four times

    It just occurred to me Jean that the house at Wycliffe is not unlike yours at the Centre of the Universe.

    Jan in North Yorkshire

  2. Anonymous4:06 PM

    This is not related to current discussions but I enjoyed this post wondering to say Happy Birthday in Ancient Greek.

  3. If the Composition Book Grey is too purple for Archie's tastes, I have an alternate colourway I can recommend. It is a deep, rich brown Madelinetosh colour called Twig. I've just cast some on for a hat for my brother and it is a very guy kind of colour.

  4. The feeling of excitement and anticipation are remarkably similar to the feeling of panic.

  5. =Tamar8:12 PM

    What they said... also, are you eating enough food with Vitamin B in it? Lack of Vitamin B-8 particularly has the reputation of being stress-related.