Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Another non-day -- my wonderful cleaning woman is here, and I have used up all my blogging time tidying in advance of her,

The answer to yesterday's arithmetical question is that there are 200 scallops around the edge of the Unst Bridal Shawl. I'm just about halfway around; therefore, roughly two months remain at the rate of two-a-day. I must have been brisker in January. I think I got 3 1/2 done yesterday, but maybe it was only 2 1/2. After the first one of each session, the sameness and easiness become an obstacle and I begin to forget where I am in the pattern, or even which way I'm going, inward or outward, let alone remembering how many I've done.

That's the moment in the day when I need something easier to knit. No luck with Archie's yarn yesterday. It will probably announce its arrival by way of a card saying that I've got a great deal more to pay.


As several guessed, "patriculture" was meant to mean "care of one's father" by analogy with "horticulture", care of one's garden.

Kristie, I was enormously cheered by your reflection that Hellie won't be getting married in Shetland!

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