Sunday, October 12, 2014

It wouldn't work, Mary Lou – if I told my husband that blog readers were egging me on to get a MacBook Pro. It would, indeed, make things worse. The only possible argument is, Because I'm worth it. And it's probably worth going ahead with that while we're still in this pre-wedding, money-doesn't-matter bubble.

That's going fairly well. I've made a hair appt. I hope to order from the House of Bruar today. My husband is keenly looking forward to it. Not “When you're away...” but “When James comes...”

Cam has most kindly sent me careful and detailed instructions for downloading Malwarebytes and setting it to work getting rid of these endless “Potentially Unwanted Program Blocked” pop-ups. I've done it, and it's scanning away as we speak. It's finding the bad guys, too – more of them than I expected. Can it get rid of them? We'll soon see. Meanwhile, up they continue to pop.

As for knitting, I finished tidying Rams & Yowes. There wasn't much more to do. If I can block it today, I can wrap it up in pretty paper tomorrow or Tuesday and sign it off altogether. Hard to believe!

We were waiting for three packages this week – some short wellington boots for my husband to wear in the country, on the theory that they will be easier to put on than his great big ones; the second volume, recently published, of the biography of David Hockney; and the yarn for Archie's sweater. The boots and the book are here...

So I went on with the edging of the Unst Bridal Shawl, and have rounded the second corner. I couldn't remember how many rows I left unattached at the first corner. Sharon says to do a whole repeat on each side of the corner attaching only alternate return-rows – that would be three unattached returns each side. I settled for two.

Breaking news: The Malwarebytes scan is finished, the computer re-booted, and the “Potentially Unwanted rogram Blocked” pop-ups have stopped! I'm still getting pop-up ads (despite having installed – and paid for – AdBlock) but they can be endured. I think the anti-virus programs are going to have get to grips with this problem if they want to stay in business. Meanwhile – bless you, Cam!


  1. skeindalous11:49 AM

    Congratulations on the improvement in your computer health! AND in finishing Rams and Yowes. The i-cord edging is worth the time it takes. Really adds the touch of class detail.
    I now use Google Chrome as my web server. It has an ad blocker that works marvelously for me.

  2. Finishing Rams and Ewes was a Herculean effort for sure! I do hope you will post a picture.
    I encourage you to 'press on regardless' with a MacBook Pro. I converted a couple of years ago and haven't looked back. Recently I was called to help my husband do something on his PC and that effort confirmed my opinion that the MacBook is the best.

  3. You are worth it! Congratulations on finishing R and E. Quite an effort. Here's hoping your yarn shows up tomorrow.

  4. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Yes, reiterattion of both the congratulations on finishing Rams and Yowes - well done! - and to say once again that I haven't looked back since stepdaughter convinced me to switch to MacBook Air - my husband continues to struggle with his Windows - constant problems there.
    - Beth in Ontario

  5. Hi Jean,

    Congratulations on the computer and the knitting fronts! As to pop-up ads, my browser (Firefox) has a setting for "No Pop-Ups" somewhere in its menus, and it works.


  6. Anonymous9:58 PM

    Congratulations on completing your blankie - the intended recipient is a fine-looking young man! I converted to a MacBook Air around this time last year after I retired from corporate life. I don't miss Windows one bit and the MB Air is so light and very easily held in awkward positions such as the arm of my chair while looking at downloads of knitting patterns, taking easily into the conservatory for checking schematics when blocking and into the kitchen for looking up recipes. Perhaps this could be part of your justification for making the switch.
    Jan, North Yorkshire

  7. I'm sure James and your husband will have a great time. I know I do whenever I get one of my parents alone.

    Occasionally they complain about each other, and I just tell them something to the effect of, "you made me, and I love you both, shut up." It usually works.