Saturday, October 18, 2014

Another new follower! Welcome!

Mungo got to Athens.. Of course he did, but one worries a little. Travelling alone is (at least relatively) new to him, all that business of boarding passes and finding the connecting flight in the horrors of Heathrow.

And I got my package from the House of Bruar, but there's still no sign of Archie's yarn. I haven't looked at the new clothes yet. Must do that.

Knitting yesterday was a bit hit-and-miss. I did a scallop and a half of the edging of he Unst Bridal Shawl and decided that I was tired enough that it would be wise not to go on. The Northmavine Hap, unfortunately, is still at the stage where there seem to be more markers than stitches. I'm hoping it will be easy and soothing soon, but not yet. After a bit of that, I retreated still further to the heel flap of the second Pakokku sock.

Mary, thank you for the pointer to the Feral Knitter and to the Nahanni Fair Isle Vest. Lovely, I agree. I have been dimly aware of the Feral Knitter but don't visit often – and didn't even know that the name derives from a non-knitting friend's mishearing of “Fair Isle”. I love it, and will be back often.

I have enjoyed wandering among the patterns on her website just now – maybe Ron Schweitzer's Flowers of Life is the sort of thing I want. But on the other hand, I have half-a-dozen bright Fair Isle-y colours bought at Jamieson & Smith that day – I want to accommodate them.

Goodness, I envy you Meg's workshop, Mary. And we all wish we had been at Shetland Wool Week.

Knitting tidbit: we watched a real-life program called The Kitchen a day or so ago, not cookery but cameras set up in six different kitchens watching what people do there. The Silly Old Fools, the Gay Couple, the one with Lots of Children, the Sikhs – I can't remember any more. Maybe there were only four. I don't think we'll go on watching, but I wanted to tell you that the man who was half of the Silly Old Fool pair was a knitter, with vests and socks as brilliant as the Socklady's.

Non-knit: The computer has resumed its errant ways. And today is the day the Apple Store opens on Princes Street.


  1. Anonymous9:56 AM

    .....go for it Jean!

    "An apple a day..........

    Jan, North Yorks

  2. I made a Fair Isle vest for my husband years ago using Meg's basic fair isle pattern and subbing in my own charts and colors. It's a good template.

    1. Mary Lou, where did you find Meg's basic Fair Isle pattern?

    2. Kristie it is an older wool gathering
      number 54

    3. Thanks Mary Lou!

  3. =Tamar4:16 PM

    The Flowers of Life pattern looks as though it would work for the Prince-of-Wales continuous-to-sleeve trick (though they didn't do it for the sample). Maybe you could keep it in mind for a later occasion.

  4. Time for your weekly malwarebyte scan? You could start it up and go out to the Apple store . . . .


  5. Thanks for the link to the FeralKnitter. Another fair isle designer is Mary Scott Huff altho I don't recall she has any men's patterns; still, work a peak if you have the time.
    Good luck at the Apple store.