Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Well, I finished Rams & Yowes, as far as knitting is concerned, and made a start on tidying it. Thank you for your help on the dreadful m*th question. Once I am finished-finished, and it is all wrapped up in pretty paper, I think I will throw all the left-over yarn away, not just this ball. And before then, I might as well put the finished object in the freezer for a while – especially now that there's room for it. Thank you, particularly, for your rather alarming advice, Tamar.

And I've thought of a possible for my wedding garment – something I made myself decades ago, probably for a wedding, when I was younger and more energetic and didn't have to cook lunch every day. I got it out yesterday – the moths have spared it. It's a nice fabric, a browny Paisley-patterned viyella – and, my dears, I've lined it. It will look festive unless I'm actually bulging out of it. Perhaps add a jacket and a scarf. I'll try that soon.

I hope to go up to John Lewis today and try to find a nice empty box for the wedding present.

I took the Unst Bridal Shawl along to the dental appt yesterday. Something went wrong – a hole developing and enlarging between the edging and the body of the shawl. A dropped stitch? I've taken it back and (I think) picked up everything securely. Now I'll have to try to figure out where I am in the pattern and generally make things right.

I had a little success with the vacuum cleaner yesterday. It wasn't picking up much dirt because the brush bar wasn't rotating. I engaged someone to fix it and they were meant to come on Monday to take it away but they didn't. I fiddled with it myself yesterday and the bar is now whizzing around and picking up plenty of dirt.

Emboldened by this unexpected success, I have spent this mornng trying to get rid of the “adware” which is making my life a misery here on the computer.  I have downloaded something called Adwcleaner but I can't persuade it to install itself and I have spent all my blogging time on this unrewarding project.


  1. Tamar's advice is interesting and I will bear it in mind should the occasion arise again. It has happened, of course. It makes me think I should go through the stash and check. Ick. A lined Viyella dress. You must have been quite the sewer. I do hope it fits well so we can see the finished product.

  2. =Tamar1:58 AM

    A completed Rams & Yowes, and a working vacuum cleaner - double congratulations!