Monday, February 23, 2015

All well, with relatively little to report.

A busy week dawns, pleasantly so except for Wednesday. My husband has an early hospital appt that day. Earlier in his life it would only have been uncomfortably early; now, I fear it is impossibly so. I phoned the hospital last week, but it couldn't be changed. Apart from the very considerable stress of getting there, it is a long appt and we have been having trouble lately with low blood sugar at mid-day. I'll have him inject less insulin that morning, of course, but even so it will be an added anxiety.

He didn't feel very well yesterday – nothing specific, no fever, not much loss of appetite, just sort of limp. If that persists this morning, maybe I'll cancel the appt. It is to inject cortisone into his rheumatic right hand in the somewhat remote hopes of making it more comfortable and usable. Maybe we could even see the dr privately at a more convenient hour.

Apart from that major anxiety, the week's events are pleasant enough. Tomorrow the photographers are coming to make that video of me for Age Concern. I must tidy the sitting room and plan my costume.

Here are some pics. The Strathardle Inn posted these on Facebook, a day or two ago, of a fine sunset in the glen:

My husband planted that clump of trees with the crenelated top, in the upper picture. They are marked on the latest Ordinance Survey map. There's glory for you. I can't quite orientate myself on the lower picture.

My sister and her husband have been in DC, enjoying their grandson and sussing out retirement communities, among other things. Goodness, how Ted has grown since I saw him on November 1, Thomas' and Lucy's wedding day! And notice that my sister seems to be able to wear an open, unfastened cardigan without it slipping off her shoulders:

But we're here for the knitting.

Archie's sleeve continues well. I counted stitches again last night and it seems to be as it should be: number-of-stitches-on-the-needles minus number-still-to-be-decreased-according-to-Sirka equals number-I'm meant-to-have-at-the-end. Remarkable. I'll still check the length carefully against the other sleeve when the decreases are finished. Another four inches should remain to be knitted straight, at that point.

I printed the Sous Sous pattern successfully, rather to my own surprise, and have been contemplating it. I'll try to have a look at the knitalong on Ravelry today.

...I just did, without finding much that helped. I did find, looking through the Projects pages on Ravelry, that the design looks pretty good on all shapes and sizes. That's a big plus. And I was surprised to note that it scores slightly below 50% on the Difficulty bar. That's a plus, too. I do love cables, and haven't done any for a while.


  1. On the subject of open fronted cardigans, I have one. Not a handknit, but made with a faily heavy jersey and with a "drapey" front so behaves in similar fashion.. It stays on my shoulders very well, but its drawback is that the fronts hang down when I bend forward - cleaning teeth and laying the table when there is something like a dish of mint sauce in the equation are danger points. It spoils the look when I tie a precautionary pinny over it!

  2. Anonymous1:15 PM

    For all who have difficulties wearing open-front cardigans: I find you can use a shawl pin on drapey sweaters. That may not have been the designer's intention, but it keeps it out of the cooking.

  3. Does hubby have to be nil by mouth for these tests? Usually, that's why you get early appointments. Does hubby like cheese? Pack some slices of cheddar with some crackers to take before the mid morning drop. Provides protein, doesn't send the blood sugar sky high, and may keep it on an even keel. Best wishes my dear.