Friday, February 27, 2015

Today is Alexander's 55th birthday. No wonder my husband and I are coming apart at the seams.

Dr Who

Tom Baker, of course – the Dr Who with the scarf. Thank you, Liz. And thank you, Jean, for the anecdote about him in the bookstore. I knit one of those scarves once, too – can't find the pic, alas. Very soothing knitting, very comfortable garment.

The Peter Davison role I remember fondly was not Dr Who or All Creatures Great and Small, but A Very Peculiar Practise, about a university student health clinic. There were four doctors: Davison, representing sanity; a fierce, rather butch woman; a self-absorbed and self-important bore; and a drunken Scotsman who might well have been played by the man who plays the undertaker in Dad's Army, but wasn't. It was filmed at Keele, I believe, and was extremely funny.

I've just been Googling it. I see there's a DVD available. I'm tempted.


I've finished Archie's second sleeve, all but a few minutes and then the actual hemming. I'm about half-way through the red inner hem. I should be back at work on the lower body this very day.

And I've suddenly run dry. A computer man is coming soon who will try to help my husband through Microsoft Word to sanity. For now, he's just coming to suss things out. So I'd better sign off here.


  1. Thank you for reminding me of "A Very Peculiar Practice" - quite a stellar cast. Can't remember the bore - character name Buzzard, I think. The woman was Barbara Flynn, who has been seen all over the place - including delivering milk to Arkwright's shop in "Open All Hours" and the wonderful Scotsman turned up as Tom in "Waiting for God". A most entertaining series, in my memory.

  2. A Very Peculiar Practice was indeed filmed at Keele, my alma mater, and I had a happy couple of days work on it as an extra - very well paid (for students) and excellent catering. If you do get the DVD, I am one of the women chained to a building in protest in (I think) the second episode. Can't believe it was 30 years ago!

    1. Tricia - what a fun memory. I must search for the DVD.