Thursday, February 26, 2015

Jennifer, thanks for the link to your Relax, knit in madelinetosh Whiskey Barrel. It looks as if it's going to be exactly the colour I want. It's a nice Relax, too – link in yesterday's comments.

Eddie Redmayne is all over Zite this morning. The actor I was trying to think of yesterday who went on from Fair Isle vests to Dr Who, is Peter Davison. I haven't looked up the one in VK who never went on to anything that I ever heard of. I think his surname might have been Budd. I do agree that Rowan maintains a particularly high standard in male models.

As it happens, someone turned up in Zite this morning who has knit all the Dr Who's plus a Tardis and some daleks. Alas, the only one I can recognise for sure is what's-his-name in that scarf. Not Peter Davison nor Peter Capaldi nor even David Tennant.

I enjoyed my extra day yesterday, and in the evening finished the decreases in Archie's second sleeve and am now speeding towards the finish. And it is indeed going faster now that I am using fewer needles and not thinking/fussing about the next decrease. Might even finish the sleeve tonight. And I am enjoying the endgame all the more for thinking about that whole new whiskey-barrel-coloured madelinetosh project winging its way towards me.

The blocking of the Unst Bridal Shawl now has to be firmly pencilled in. It's not exactly knitting – it requires to be done earlier in the day. Maybe one day when our dear Polish cleaning woman is here and I am hanging about feeling de trop.

I also learned this morning that Nancy Bush has done a Craftsy Class on Estonian lace. That's rather tempting – maybe I could even learn to love nupps. And now that our friend has fixed the router, I could sit there peacefully in the sitting room watching it on the new iPad. I think I've got a couple of un-viewed Craftsy classes stashed, too. I haven't been there for quite a while.

Judith, thank you for the link to those pocket squares (comments, yesterday). They're beautiful, all right. Not knitting patterns, cloth squares. For a moment I thought, I can buy them these if I don't finish knitting the squares. I'll go for a set of the silk Paisley ones, I thought. Then I saw the prices.


The neighbour's production company came around yesterday with a belated contract for me to sign (for being photographed sitting in the sitting room looking pensive). It has filled me with terror at the thought that Age Concern Scotland might want to use it on television, what with Easter coming and all. They wouldn't show it in England so James and Rachel are safe. And Alexander doesn't have television on the shores of Loch Fyne. And Athens is far away. But oh, dear.


  1. I do hope the Age Scotland video is not attempting to portray you as a lonely sad old person with no interests or social contacts...!

  2. Anonymous2:28 PM

    I agree with the previous comment. Age Scotland could use you as an image of a connected, social, intelligent approach to aging - and a model of a full calendar! - cheers, ckp

    1. Anonymous4:47 PM

      -- stashdragon

  3. Tom Baker is this Dr Who you're thinking of. I've knitted the scarf - very dull couple of weeks of garter stitch but a really useful item in winter

  4. Ah, yes, Tom Baker! Saw him once in Waterstones in Tunbridge Wells, treating the assistant to a stream of actorish anecdotes. Couldn't miss him - he was nearly as audible as Brian Blessed. Paid for my paperback at the other till, and escaped rapidly.

  5. Eddie Redmayne's Grandmother lives on the South Side - Gracemount, I think. His first gig was at the Fringe (Underbelly) where he was MC in Cabaret. His Grandmother went along to see him and wasn't able to recognise him 'under all that make-up'!

  6. Hester from Atlanta11:09 PM

    Peter Davison also played the younger brother in All Creatures Great And Small- (the story about the veterinarians (spelling?) animal doctors - in Yorkshore before WWII. - he was definitely a cutie.