Saturday, February 07, 2015

I have lost my iPad. I am distraught.

James gave it to me for my 79th birthday, two and a half years ago. I have never spent a day without it since. (I took it along to Thomas' and Lucy's wedding and read the new Simon Serallier book while we were there; didn't care for it much.) I have never mislaid it before, except for the occasional brief frisson of anxiety when it's not in its proper place, and then I remember I have plugged it in to recharge.

I had it here yesterday morning – I had a quick look at Zite before assuring you that there was no news from the outside world. Since then, nothing.

Ever since my keys de-materialised last summer – I was pacing about the house in Kirkmichael, clutching them in my left hand, waiting for my husband to come out of the bathroom so that we could head off to Edinburgh, when I suddenly realised that I was still clutching, but there were no keys in my hand – ever since then, I have panicked early whenever something – anything – can't be found.

This is different.

A newspaper columnist of whom I was fond many, many years ago – Paul Jennings might have been the name – devised a whole philosophical system he called Resistentialism – “things are against us”. Toast always falls to the floor butter-side down. I wish I could believe it was only that. I feel that a malign force is waiting, watching for the chance to snatch away the Things which are dearest to me.

So not much got done yesterday. I discovered the loss at midday and spent every free moment after that in the search. I didn't download and print the Sous Sous pattern, still less choose a yarn. I didn't knit much of the linen square – the yarn has got tangled to the point where it will have to be cut. One of you has sent me two partial skeins of Jaipur silk – beautiful! and I look forward to discovering what sort of fabric the two produce when knitted together. But that requires a measure of equilibrium which at the moment I haven't got.

I hope I'll have better news tomorrow. It must be somewhere (I tell myself, although I don't entirely believe it). I couldn't have thrown it in the rubbish or put it in the compost bin. The range of possible places is not all that large, because the wi-fi signal doesn't cover the whole house so the iPad never goes down to the other end. It must have insinuated itself under something, so that I can't see it.

The Six Nations tournament began yesterday with a thoroughly exciting rugby match, if I hadn't been so miserable. England beat Wales. Scotland play France in Paris today – that's usually a good match.


  1. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Oh dear! I will turn to St Anthony and St Jude for you. Meanwhile, don't throw out the pile of newspapers and do check your knitting bag, under the furniture, in the furniture. Have you put it away on the book shelves?

    I'm hopeful it will turn up soon. And your keys on a nice sunny day.

    Jan, North Yorkshire

  2. Have you tried going back to the place you were using it yesterday morning and retracing your steps? You might have laid it down on the way to doing something else. I'm always doing that. Hope you find it.

  3. Patience10:43 AM

    Apple support says you can find a lost iphone, ipad, etc. with an app or through icloud, even within a house. Good luck!

  4. I'm equally reliant on my iPad so sympathasise with your distress. One suggestion, if Any of your friends or family uses FaceTime, is to ask them to try to make contact with you that way. It will make the iPad ring, like a phone. I think the only requirement of your iPad is that you have an email account set up on it, and that the person trying to make contact with you has your email address in their contacts on the Apple device they are using.

  5. Anonymous1:11 PM

    I notoriously put things away “for safe keeping.” Then forget where that safe place is. (I am a mere fraction of your age, so fret not!) I would also suggest trying to re-trace your steps; it is probably under something else. - The app for finding one’s Apple device is good for locating it at your address, but less useful for finding it inside your apartment; pity it does not have a feature where it pings louder or more frequently the closer you get to it - like a dousing mechanism. - Good luck! Cheers.

  6. Unfortunately, I don't think your first generation iPad has the find my iPhone/iPad capability since you can't update to the most recent iOS's. On the bright side, this would be a good excuse to get a new husband had a 1st gen iPad and I bought him an iPad Air since he couldn't do some things on the old one that he wanted to do. It's amazing how much lighter and faster the Air is! I'm sure yours will turn up, though, most likely under something. I can't imagine life without my iPad Mini, good luck finding yours!

  7. Under something is no doubt the answer. Do you have place-mats on your table? I have lost two different things under mine and I was sure the things were too big to be hidden that way, but they weren't.

  8. A friend told me it has been Mercury retrograde, perhaps that's it. I was disappointed in the Serailler book, too. Your linen should arrive Wednedsay.

  9. I hope by the time you read this comment you've found your iPad, Jean. That feeling of panic that comes when something important is lost is horrible. As others have suggested, as long as your iPad is a 2 or later model, you could have someone call you on FaceTime.

  10. I do the same thing with my Kindle, so I perfectly understand.

  11. =Tamar4:49 PM

    When searching, I find it helpful to physically touch surfaces, so that I know I'm not just automatically ignoring familiar shapes. You were using it while blogging and knitting; think about what you did next.

  12. Ugh! I can so relate to this. My iPad goes into hiding way too often; I foolishly bought a charcoal gray cover. I keep telling myself to go out and buy a neon colored cover so that it couldn't hide from me, but I never do it. I do hope that your iPad shows up soon!

  13. If you set up iCloud on your iPad then you can log on to your mac book or pc even and locate it. if perhaps it was mistakenly discarded and not in the house, then that will save you needlessly searching (sad though that will be). however if the location shows its at your house.... then there is hope!

    If you did set up FACETIME and use it or if you set up iCloud then you could also message yourself - it may ping the message or the FACETIME call...

    sending lots of good luck your way! nothing more frustrating than losing a valuable and needed object.

  14. I should have checked - if you go to your iCloud account - and FIND MY IPHONE button - use the dropdown list at the top of the screen - select your device - and a window will popup - you can PLAY A SOUND it will continue to beep until you turn it off!
    its fairly loud - sounds like a chime ...

    good luck!

  15. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Jean, please check the other end of the house as well. Either you or your husband may have moved it along with something else. I often find mine has been covered up, and moved accidentally when the pile gets moved. Hope you find it soon......I just had my iPhone stolen in Santiago, Chile.....and it is amazing how much I miss it!

    Barbara M. In NH

  16. skeindalous8:12 PM

    Have you seen the Panopticon post for 2 February? Wouldn't that make a fabulous pocket almost-square? AND it's from Franklin! so nice to have a post from him.