Monday, February 16, 2015

Wales won. It was a good match, close until the very end, played in broad daylight in fine spring sunshine. Rugby like everything else – baseball being the saddest – is becoming a game of the night.

An old friend came to tea yesterday, filling the hours at the end of Sunday afternoon when I had hoped to get back to the pho. How does anybody ever do anything? Most people have lots more friends than we do.

It was grand to see her, and there's still time to have the pho for lunch, if I get cracking. Next I must dismember the chicken, shred the meat, cut up the bones and put them back in the broth for further stewing. And after that, add some other ingredients – ginger, shallots, spices which themselves have to be cooked in one way or another before being added. Finally noodles.

Virtually no knitting yesterday – a couple of rounds of Archie's sleeve. Today's job is to send the satisfactory-looking Cotton Glace square to London for comment.

Thank you for your help with the iPad. My brief acquaintance with the Apple website had led me to believe that the choice was between an iPadAir and an iPad Mini – you make it sound as if older, cheaper, kludgier versions, more like the Dear Departed, might still be available. But maybe by now I want an iPad Air. I don't think the Mini is of interest to me. I can see how it would be, if I were still at work.

CKP, Tile sounds like a very good idea – but I doubt if my absolutely basic mobile phone can run an app. Will I one day capitulate and get an iPhone? I am deterred by the idea of an ongoing monthly charge. I will certainly ensure at once that any new iPad knows about the MacBook, and vice versa, so that I can use the Find My iPad app. And it's very good news that my Kindle library is waiting for me in the sky.


  1. A nice light iPad air - with find my iPad sounds just the ticket. I'm envious that what anyone has is spring sunshine, as we are still in the depths of winter here.

  2. I recently got an iPhone and am very pleased with it.

  3. Anonymous5:50 PM

    (Blogger keeps eating my comment attempts, probably because I'm an anonymous lurker trying to offer a link. My apologies if this appears in triplicate!)

    Did you see that Arne & Carlos are next up in Regia's designer series? They're all in faux colorwork - which I'm usually not a fan of - but with Arne & Carlos at the helm I'm sorely tempted! I read on Ravelry that it's due in the US at end end of this month. I find my thoughts continually returning to devising excuses to knit all of them...

    (Link removed to persuade blogger to accept my comment offering)

    Elizabeth in Oregon