Friday, February 20, 2015

I finished the Pakokku sock! The first one was un-Kitchenered, so I also did that. It will take only a few moments to polish off the second today. First FO of 2015, I think. So now all I have to do is wind the next skein, cast on, and knit a round or two – and I'm ready to go to Athens. As I remember – but it's been a long time – Pakokku won't perform on 56 stitches, the number I use for my daintier-footed recipients. Maybe I'll try again, just to see.

I did a bit of Googling yesterday – the yarn doesn't seem very widely available. Even the Loopy Ewe doesn't have any, and people with stashes on Ravelry, for the most part, aren't selling. It does seem to come directly from the makers. Maybe I'll get a couple more. But there is still no sign of Vampires of Venice (a colourway), and the shades available at the moment are too blue for my liking.

They seem to make another sock yarn called Meridian, too.

I was rather struck, in the same Googling session, with the Pigeonroof sets of little skeins of yarn in graduated shades of one colour. Loop has them. But what to do with them? I'm not as clever as the Socklady, and I don't want ends to deal with. Sock-knitting is for repose of mind.

KayT, many thanks for the thumbs down on Rowan Fine Art. I think I'l start a new collection today for the charity knitters in Strathardle – that skein can be the first one in.

I had another nice day with my new iPad. The more I hold it in my hands, the odder it seems that I could have put the old one down somewhere so unfindable. It has to be me – my husband wouldn't have moved it. Could there have been a thief after all? But how? Someone would have had to get in the front door and go straight through this messy house to that precious object and out again without disturbing anything else.

I made a note on it about something yesterday, and was astonished to find all my old notes just as I had left them. I have a vague idea as to how that might have happened – indeed, I think the nice man in John Lewis said that it would – but it seems like black magic, pure and simple. It means that Steve Jobs, up there in heaven, knows exactly where my old iPad is.

I've ordered not ...for Dummies but The Missing Manual. Not that I'm having any difficulty, but I feel I am underusing the capacities of this truly astonishing machine. Even my husband is beginning to think he might like an iPad Mini.

Carolina22, thanks for the info on how to recover my Kindle books. I was halfway through A Passage to India, and also had just discovered Anne Tyler.  


  1. Maybe it's part of Steve Jobs' plot - they disappear and you buy another one. The Missing Manuals are good, I use so little of the capacity of the MacBoor or the ipad, but I never seem to make myself sit down and work through it. I am in Washington DC with record low temps. I'll be that the baby blanket is being used with gratitude!

  2. I would steer dh away from a mini and go for the 10".
    I use a 7" tablet and my dh gets frustrated with the small movements required and the tight screen space.

  3. rosesmama1:43 PM

    There are so many good Anne Tyler books. I envy you to be reading them fresh.

  4. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Agree with Valerie. My husband looked at both decided the mini would be too frustrating, both movement and screen size. (Would probably be the mini for me, but my fingers are smaller and my eyesight better. At the moment, between MacBook Air and iPhone, don't seem to feel the need of a tablet.)
    - Beth in Ontario

  5. Chiming in to agree with Beth and Valerie. I started with the iPad2 and later moved on to the Mini which I love. The full size taught me how to do the various manipulations. If I had started with the Mini, I would have been very frustrated. If your old iPad reappears, give it to your husband to play with to see how he gets on.