Sunday, February 08, 2015

Scotland lost to France.

And I didn't find the iPad.

I'm grateful for all your help. But nothing worked. I search in ever-widening circles, and keep returning to where-I-had-it-last and where-it-ought-to-be. Clearly, I have laid it down somewhere very unusual. No one was in the house except us on Friday. Two people came to the door, but neither crossed the threshold and anyway the iPad wouldn't have been in the outer hall. My husband suspects flesh-and-blood evil, but it couldn't be.

Friday lunchtime, when the crisis began, I came in here to check email, noticed that the iPad wasn't here as I had more or less expected, but also found that this computer wasn't connected. That problem had to be dealt with first – it turned out the router (or whatever the damned thing is called) had to be reset. Not a major problem; it has happened before, although not often.

But as the greater tragedy then unfolded, it left me feeling that the Evil Force which had come in here and grabbed the iPad had been so Evil that it disturbed the equilibrium of the router. I know this is absurd. The two events were entirely unrelated. But you can see how people get to be superstitious.

The iCloud hasn't worked, so far. It says that it can't find any devices of mine because they are all offline. I'm not entirely sure that the iCloud knows about the iPad anyway – the only thing listed was my new MacBook. That leaves the option of having someone ring me up using FaceTime. I will explore that one. Roger in CT?

Maureen, I was particularly comforted by your suggestion that I march out and get a new iPad. I will, if this continues any length of time. My universe is contracting rather briskly, but John Lewis' computer dept is still within reach.

But I began, yesterday, to try to adjust to my new life without an iPad.

The linen square is nearly finished (it needn't have taken so long). I'll polish it off and contemplate it this evening, It is very badly knit, but that's not the point. We're looking at the texture and drape of the fabric, and the process – could I bear knitting eight of them? I can well imagine that on Hellie and Matt's wedding day, I will be sitting there in my pew practising the next Pocket Square and the groomsmen will be sporting pocket handkerchiefs. (And no one will notice, on that happy day.)

Skeindalous, no, I hadn't seen Franklin's new post about the lace square. I love that sort of thing. It's very tempting. Thank you.

But maybe I'll drown my troubles in another couple of inches of Archie's sleeve, this evening.


  1. It absolutely has to be somewhere. I lost my button box for weeks and weeks. Searched the house for it - and ended up finding where I had put it (for safety's sake given there were small children coming) under a pile of books on a bookshelf! I am not sure that helps much but I think the thing is I DID find it. You will find your I-pad

  2. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Hello Jean , just some thoughts about your iPad. Did you take it upstairs with you on Thursday when you visited your neighbour? Also, if you were scrambling around on Friday morning resetting the router, did you put it down then? It has to be somewhere, have you checked your recent magazine/newspaper pile?

  3. Anonymous1:12 PM

    I don't suppose you have an alarm set on your iPad? Mine rings at 6:00 every evening to make sure I remember to start cooking dinner, but it would also help me locate it.

    Good luck.

    Beverly in NJ

  4. In case Roger or someone else is not available: you can apparently use FaceTime from your MacBook to your iPad. I have not done this, however.

    As for the pocket squares, knit the groom's and send seven volunteers the pattern, dimensions and yarn for the other 7. I'd find a pin loom the right size, weave them and knit the borders on. Weaving is amazingly fast.

  5. I've been known to go thru trash with gloves on and "find" lost items....why is that? My mind going in too many directions!

  6. Facetime is free - I'd be glad to see if I can buzz the ipad. Let me know via email.

  7. I looked for a book for weeks. I had left it on a desk in a pile of other things. I looked everywhere for it. I found it on the desk. I had looked there many times as I was certain I had left it there. One day I recognized it. I must have looked past it at least twenty times without actually focusing on it.
    Keep looking, it's there somewhere. You may just be scanning past it.

  8. When does Archie next visit? A fresh (and by this I do not mean "young," although it probably won't hurt) may see it where you may have looked past it. That is my own problem: "If it had been a snake, it woulda bit you," as my parents used to say.

    1. "A fresh PAIR OF EYES..." is of course what I meant to write above.

  9. DawnC9:10 PM

    I'm always losing my Kindle by putting it on a bookcase shelf, or laying it along the top edges of the upright books. It's hard to find too because it's black!

  10. Hi, Jean -
    I'm so sorry you haven't been able to find your iPad. I'm out of town and away from my computer this weekend, but I got online to check your blog from my own iPad just to see if you'd found it. It looks like you've gotten great advice, but if you need another reference, this one seems very helpful: It indicates that as long as your device is turned on, you should be able to track it from your MacBook, that you don't have to have officially told one about the other. Keeping my fingers crossed that it turns up!