Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Here's where the horrors begin – Tuesday.

I saw the film people yesterday. They wanted to import an old boy called Harry and film him in our kitchen in the afternoon. I said no: my husband spends much of the morning having breakfast in there, and a good part of the early afternoon having lunch. I don't know why Harry can't be done in his own place, like me, but in any case I have refused to have him.

We are said to be getting a huge fee for this -- one for appearing,another for providing a location. My husband can have his iPad Mini and I the Tokyo shawl. I just want it to be over.

That leaves the hospital appt to worry about. An energetic friend came around yesterday determined to straighten out our wi-fi extender. The iPad could see it, but couldn't use it. It kept saying that I was entering the wrong password, which proved to be a lie, or at least a false hare. She dealt with that, fairly briskly, so now we have wi-fi over a substantially larger fraction of the house.

The iPad froze again this morning, while I was looking at my mail. I rebooted without difficulty – but I feel it shouldn't keep doing this. The lost one never did, in 2 ½ years.

She offered to phone the hospital and deal with them and I sort of wish I had let her. I'll have to ring them back this morning in the intervals from my film duties. The appt is for 9:45  tomorrow and the hospital is not more than 15 minutes drive away. My anxiety will sound absurd to them, and to you. My husband has never been any good at getting started in the morning. His career as a university teacher was kind to him in that respect. He is now very old, very slow, and, of course, diabetic. He can't just skip the morning insulin routine, and having done that, he can't skip eating.

I'll have to tell them this, and perhaps plead my own misery as well

But I had a nice time thinking about Sous Sous. Sizing is difficult to judge, as the pattern implies. It comes in three sizes and I have chosen the middle one – but will order an extra skein, giving me enough yarn for the largest. Loop is out-of-stock for a lot of the delicious shades they list, and have only one or two skeins of a lot of others, but they still seem better stocked than other UK suppliers, and I think I have chosen my shade. It's called Thyme.

But maybe I'll have a wee look at the American suppliers before I take the plunge.

Archie's sleeve continues well. Two more sessions – maybe one – should finish off the decreases.

And Lent is moving along all right, too. Quite apart from the increase in holiness, I feel somewhat more sprightly, and I lose weight, in a teetotal regime. Last year, at an equivalent stage, I was a whole five pounds lighter than I am now: a great incentive to press forward with determination.

If we go to the hospital tomorrow, I won't try to blog. But maybe we won't.


  1. I have the same sort of problems here - with my father (92). They will offer him early or late appointments. I suggested to the staff at the medical centre that it makes no sense. Working people need the appointments at the beginning and end of the day." They hadn't actually thought that through - and it still makes no difference to them but my anxiety levels go through the roof when he is on his gopher trying to cross major roads in peak hour traffic. It is one of the rare times I wish I could drive and we had a car! Good luck!

  2. Jean - you don't need to explain to them why an early appointment doesnt suit you. Just say: it doesn't suit us and we need something after about X o'clock.

    Hope the filming goes well and the fee is as fat as butter.

  3. Gerri2:37 PM

    Came here to say essentially what Knitlass did. Every time you offer a reason, they can counter with why that doesn't matter or how you should get around it. Repeat as often as necessary, "Thank you, I'm terribly sorry but that will not work with our schedule. We need it after X:00."

  4. I read your blog each morning and I usually think "ah yes, same here". I can still chuckle.

  5. Love the "increase in holiness" started my day off with a grin as I prepare for my husband's appointment tomorrow.

  6. I totally get it. I hate being late for anything (my friends have spent years training me on when to show up for parties and I still have issues being socially appropriately late) and my mom, well, not so much. Plus, I think she's underestimating the time required for her to get out of the house (spinal stenosis, horrible knees, and one frozen ankle means she's neither steady nor fast) . It's very frustrating, especially since you can't really (or I can't, at least) rush them along.
    My friends have a running joke about this sort of thing, people run on geek time (you're excited so you're really early), accountant time (early to punctual), pagan time (always late, ALWAYS), and finally puffing time (you're very late indeed, possibly due to disaster or to ingestion of mind-altering chemicals (hence the name)). I default to accountant, but for anything cool I go right back to geek. Sure, the movie may not start for half an hour, but previews! Getting the best seats! Not being late and missing bits! I've been known to show up for panels at DragonCon at the beginning of the previous panel (which is actually a good idea as popular panels can have lines of thousands of people).
    I hope the hospital listens and can reschedule for a much better time (I guess that's the only advantage of the USA health care system, if I say nope, can't do that time, the hospital/doc's office/whatever will find a time that works which for me is generally late morning/early to mid afternoon as I get to avoid the traffic (Atlanta's traffic isn't as bad as LA but it's still pretty bad especially trying to get over the river and I live near the river so I get stuck in all the Cobb County traffic (Cobb's over the river from me and the medical areas).)
    Best of luck with tomorrow and now I must go marvel at snow. We have snow! For the first time this year!

  7. Having worked in hospitals over half my professional life, I agree with Gerri & Knitlass. When offered an appointment that is inconvenient, politely decline and suggest a time that is better for you. And NEVER offer a reason.