Friday, February 06, 2015

I spent a reasonably happy evening with Rowan Pure Linen, and knit half a square – the pattern is one of those corner-to-corner things. I used 3.5mm needles, down from the 4.5 recommended on the ball band, The yarn was still pretty slippery, the knitting well less than perfect. I'll finish the square, and perhaps try one in the Cotton Glace I also bought that day.

But the experience left me wondering whether what I want, after all, might not be madelinetosh sock yarn, in wool. And that set me remembering yet again those ads in the London Underground in the 50's with little jingles based on life and history, concluding each time “There is no substitute for wool”.

My favourite was “Boney, after each campaign/ Went home to Josephine again./ This angered Mrs Marshall Ney/ Whose husband used to stay away.” I have forgotten how to get from there to wool. I tried Googling that last night, and my own blog from two years ago came out on top – so you've heard it before. Another blogger was looking for it, too. No answers.

But then I Googled “There is no substitute for wool” – and that produced the happy information that the subway jingles have been collected into a book, with a forward by the Princess Royal. Second-hand copies are very cheap, and I have ordered one, hoping that Boney and Mrs Marshall Ney will be found therein.

But that doesn't resolve the Pocket Square question.

You're quite right that the Sous Sous by Norah Gaughan was the pattern I was groping for yesterday. I knew I hadn't found it in a book or a magazine or Kate Davies – so, where? The answer was the Loop Knitalong.

But, more than that – one of you has given me the pattern, via Ravelry, moving me to tears. It's written for madelinetosh DK and I will have a delicious time today choosing a colour.

And that's about it. Yesterday was a day without external event, as this one is scheduled to be. My appearance in an Age Concern promotional video is going ahead, it would appear. No other news from the outside world.  


  1. I do hope we'll get to see the video! The Louet linen was, as I feared, too purple. I did pick up a small skein of the Shibui linen in a color they call 'Suit' a true, deep navy. The structure makes it much easier to knit with. I'll pop it in the mail.

  2. Anonymous12:42 PM

    I have made a shawl with the Shibui linen and was very pleased with the results.
    It was not sharp as I knit. It is a chain-structure yarn - more like a tube from a corking kit and not a plied yarn.
    I put the shawl in the dryer.
    I was aiming for a lot of drape in this shawl - perhaps not the desired effect of the pocket square though.
    I look forward to the results of the linen/silk/wool pocket square experiments!

    So glad one of our fellow blog readers sent you the Sous Sous pattern. Good idea!

  3. I've also used the Shibui linen. As I worked I was troubled by how uneven the stitches seemed and as it was a scarf in stockinette I thought the end product would be too rustic-looking. But after washing and drying it was just fine. As mentioned linen can go from crisp if dried flat and smoothed out, to very drapy (spell checker does not like drapy or drapey or drapie; drappy?) has a lot of drape if dried in the dryer.

    If you make a video I sincerely hope it will be available on line! Can't wait!

  4. They are giving away Free yarn on Sunday as a promotion for the new Shaun the Sheep movie.

  5. Jan Hughes10:36 PM

    Jean, it sounds like Louet's MerLin might be the ticket for the pocket squares - 70% merino, 30% linen, sportweight. However - it's discontinued. Can't find it anywhere on the web, but there might be some in the Cream colorway languishing in someone's stash.....