Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Here I am!

I phoned the hospital, and this time spoke to a man, the sex I think I prefer to deal with in such a situation. I did explain, I'm afraid. He was most helpful and sympathetic, but soon established that the dr in question didn't have any appts ever after 10 a.m. Golf? Surely not. We had been referred to him specifically by the rheumatologist we usually see and whom we like a lot.

So the man at the hospital went off to email the dr and a couple of hours later someone phoned back with a perfectly suitable appt time in April. My husband has been living with this long enough that he can wait a little longer. He's perfectly cheerful about it.

So that was great. I feel as if I have been given a whole extra day of life (today). I think I'll go to Waitrose.

Filming was interesting. I just had to sit there, occasionally turning my head or wringing my hands. There was a directress and two photographers and sometimes the neighbour whose operation it is and who had asked me to do it in the first place. I am promised a copy of the finished thing, a promotional video for Age Concern Scotland. I will try to figure out somewhere I can park it in the cloud so that anyone who wants can see it. It is going to be exquisitely embarrassing.

It took a couple of hours and all I had to do was sit there. The experience left me in a whole new dimension of tired.

My husband is unhappy about accepting a performance fee for helping out a neighbour, and I can sympathize. But I feel the sitting room has earned its location fee.

As for knitting, there are only two more decreases to do on Archie's second sleeve. Then I'll switch to four needles (from five) and whiz on down to the wrist.

I allowed myself a browse amongst the madelinetosh dk's at Webs. The abundance was deliciously overwhelming. I have ordered eight skeins of Whisky Barrel, grey shot with dark brown I hope – it's hard to tell on a computer screen. It looks browner on the iPad than on the laptop, and browner is what I want. Anything by madelinetosh is going to look pretty good. This for the Sous Sous, of course.

I learn from Zite that Eddie Redmayne, who just won the Best Actor Oscar, once modelled for Rowan. The article says that the same is true of Kate Moss. I have a leaflet in my archives somewhere, Patons perhaps, showing a man who went on to be Dr Who among other things. His name escapes me at the moment. And I can remember a spread in a very late old-school VKB with an actor, name also forgotten, of whom nothing was ever heard subsequently. Knitwear modelling is clearly a useful money-spinner for a hungry young man (and Kate Moss).

My husband is developing very cold feet about the prospect of going to London for a week while I go to Athens at the end of March. Fortunately Greek Helen will be here for a couple of days quite soon, and can take the matter in hand.  


  1. It seems odd to me that a Dr. who's speciality is dealing with creaky bits should have no appointments after 10am. Surely the people who would make up the bulk of his customers would be the ones who find it hardest to turn out early in the morning.

  2. For some stunning pocket squares have a look at these. I love the fine art collection!

  3. I have an old knitting pattern booklet with Roger Moore on it. The road to success!

  4. I knit relax with the color Whiskey Barrel. It is indeed quite brown but quite lovely. Here is the link:

  5. I'm so glad you were able to find a way around the early doctor's appointment. One of the first things that popped into my head this morning was, "I wonder if Jean managed to find a way around that appointment." And you did! Hope you're enjoying yourself doing things you love.

  6. Not only has your sitting room earned the fee, but it sounds as if you have, too. If my husband were dicey on accepting money, I'd take it and buy some special yarn. That way, the money goes to good use. :)

  7. At my weekly knitting meet-up, we pass around the latest Rowan magazine and pretend to admire the sweaters - but truthfully we are checking out the handsome male models!

  8. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Eddie Redmayne modeled for the Denim People book, and Kate Moss for Rowan magazine number 10. These are the two appearances I'm sure of, but perhaps they have modeled for other Rowan publications as well.

    Mary above is quite right: Rowan's male models are an outstandingly handsome bunch.
    -- stashdragon