Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Another anxious evening, waiting for a nurse to come and see to my husband’s catheter. I think the last time this happened was on the eve of the EYF – not long ago – and I was afraid I wouldn’t get there. He has been weak and droopy of late.

I steadily knit Tannehill in the intervals of my nursing duties. Today, I must confess with some embarrassment, I weighed the ball of yarn several times, until finally I got it down under 50 grams, therefore half way through, therefore entitled to half of the 12% I have assigned to each skein, for sidebar purposes, on the strength of Sweater Wizard’s estimate of how much yarn is needed in all.

(There are 46 days in Lent, so, for that one, each day earns 2%, with a bonus 1% every Tuesday when another week is completed.)

Thank you, Southern Gal, for suggesting Excel for my Fair Isle charting. I don’t think I even knew it offered colour. I use Excel extensively for the Income Tax, and for a Christmas list now spanning many years, but nothing else.

And I also seem to have discovered that Stitch and Motif Maker is available as a free download. I haven’t done it yet, because I discovered that on the iPad and thought I wanted the program here on the laptop. But I’m not sure that’s true, now that I write that sentence down. We’ll see, tomorrow. I want to be able to print my little designs and keep them together in some sort of portfolio.

But I can print from the iPad.

Shandy, I’m sure you’re right about the importance of having an overall colour. I’ve gone for that dark green you mention, and will need to order more of it rather soon.

It’s a stormy night. Poor nurses.


  1. It seems that I once tried a color chart maker for the ipad. I'll have to see if I can find it again.

  2. Glad you liked the suggestion ... and another one ... your gmail account comes with access to Google Drive and you can create a spreadsheet (like Excel) with Google Sheets app. You may find it easier to do the color.. it has all the basic functions of Excel but i find it easier to use... and you can use it on your iPad!!! and open the file on any mobile device... iPhone, etc.

    then you dont have to get another program and it will be available on both your laptop and your iPad.

    If you love Excel then you should consider getting a subscription to OFFICE ONLINE - which gives you access to all Office programs from any browser including Chrome.

    its not expensive...and then you could have access to your excel file on your iPad... and work on it either there or in Excel on your laptop. You would just save the file to your ONEDRIVE account (which is created when you subscribe to OFFICE ONline).

    i would be glad to help with any of this.