Monday, March 27, 2017

Back to Tannehill. My ambition is a skein a week.

Here’s where the swatch-scarf stands. I don’t know why the sheet it’s lying on has turned blue – that doesn’t augur well for the other colours. Quite apart from the patterns, I like the way it looks as an object, just lying about. I think I mean that the colours seem to be working well together.

I look forward to trying the Museum Sweater pattern next. I made a (false) start on charting it today – I thought there were 15 rows in the borders; there are 17, plus a single-colour row between border and peerie. It turns out that the other Raveller who knit this sweater, other than Maureen, that is, has posted lots of pictures, one of which is a close up of a single repeat of the patterns from which charting will be easy. I’ll resume tomorrow.

There are five colours in the sweater – six, if I use two new colours for the peeries instead of repeating one from the border. It will be interesting to see how my colours work with this pattern. Once I have charted it in black and white, I’ll try another colour chart, using the computer this time.

If you peer, you can see that I have lined up the centre stitch of an “O” in my first border pattern with the centre stitch of an “X” in the second. The effort is entirely wasted because the two patterns have different stitch counts. It will be fun to stagger the lozenges properly in the Museum Sweater.


Two dear people have sent me entirely different but equally amusing photographs of themselves this evening – both with a warning attached that I am not to include them here. I will sadly obey.

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  1. I like the colors, as least as they show up on-screen. I should do a better job of using Ravelry to record project data. I use it to with students frequently, so i should share, too.