Sunday, March 19, 2017

I decided that I might as well start the swatch scarf, so I did.

It was an interesting experience. The 12” circular needle is somewhat awkward, but not excruciatingly so. I didn’t have much trouble with the pattern, as I did in Hazel Tindall’s class, but my left hand didn’t behave as well as it might, and the first half of the 15-row OXO motif I launched into was productive of a good deal of tension across the shoulders. The second half went better.

I’m within two rows of finishing the motif. I’ll try to show it to you tomorrow. I don’t think I’m entirely satisfied with the way the colours are working together. I can see how this might get to be a lot of fun.

When this motif is finished, and maybe a peerie to round it off, I’ll wind another skein of Tannehill and revert to that.

Thank you very much for your help with my madtosh leftovers, and apologies, Tamar, for not giving you credit for the suggestion that I look at Kaffe. And I can see myself getting swept away by the temptation to buy a few more skeins to go with the leftovers I’ve already got. Something has got to be a main colour. I’ll pay close attention to how many skeins are consumed by my husband’s sweater. Composition Book Grey and Roast Hatch Chillies are the two I’ve got the most of.


Helen’s middle son Mungo is going to Beirut tomorrow. We’re all a bit nervous (except for Mungo). He is doing Arabic at Oxford, and his college has given him a travel grant to spend a week in a place where it is spoken. As far as I can understand it, however, he is learning classical Arabic which won’t get him very far with the spoken language.


  1. Anonymous12:19 PM

    I really like the idea of the travel grant for language immersion. Congratulations to Mungo! I hope he has a good week (a week seems very short though?) and that he can continue his travels. it seems key to success to study these non-Romance languages as early as possible. I hope he eats very well!

  2. Anonymous2:59 PM

    It just occurred to me that Ravelry will give up most of the project photos in "Sally Melville's Styles" if that will be a frustration-reliever for you until you find the actual book. Type in the book title in the Pattern search box. Chloe

  3. Anonymous8:41 PM

    I had meant to add that it is quite a milestone to have your husband safely and successfully at home for four months. Kudos to you!

  4. Lucky Mungo, but I understand your concern. I find using a 12" circular frustrating, I can barely use a 16" for very long. I have large hands, but it may be more related to how I knit. I look forward to seeing the motif.