Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The implant wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected. In fact, the worst bit was probably the preliminary night’s anxiety. I took things easy today – ready-meal for supper, lots more Tannehill. I’ve left off the pain-killers already, although I may take one at bedtime.

Tomorrow I am to start a week’s course of a precautionary antibiotic. I am not meant to consume alcohol while taking it, so it is rather a good thing that this is happening in Lent.

I divided the Tannehill front and back, and have finished the underarm decreases for the back. I should finish the current (third) skein tomorrow with ease. I didn’t do anything further about charting the Museum Sweater, however, which leaves me with little or nothing to say to you.

AnnP, the Tech Knitter is brilliant on corrugated ribbing. Many thanks for that. I’ve tucked it away in Evernote, a program I haven’t visited in quite a while and should make more use of.

Alexander came over today. We won’t see him again until after Easter – he is the stay-at-home parent, and his sons’ school holiday is about to begin. And Greek Helen is going, with most of her family, to Thessaloniki tomorrow, likewise not to be seen until after Easter.  (Archie is lingering here for a couple of days and will come to lunch with us on Friday.)  I feel somewhat bereft.


  1. Anonymous2:12 AM

    No need to feel bereft - you have us!

    On a more helpful note, maybe Alexander & the boys might come for a visit during their holidays?

    Glad to know the oral surgery went well.

    Beverly in NJ

  2. I use Evernote all the time, and think I should organize it better. Well, organize it at all is more like it. Glad the implant went well.

  3. Glad the implant went well. Bereft - yes, Helen in particular seems to have been so much help since back in Edinburgh. (But Easter in Greece - can see why they want to be there.)

  4. Anonymous3:26 PM

    So glad your oral surgery went well and why NOT enjoy good dental health until the end of your days? We all should if possible. Sorry everyone is leaving but like Beverly says - you have us! Chloe

  5. What would I do without Evernote? You perhaps know ther is an app for your iPad too? And you can clip things to it as well. If you are on. A website on your iPad just go up to the sharing icon- it's a little arrow pointing up on the top right bar or in chrome it's the three dots. And then you will find a slew of icons one of which will be the green elephant. And others like email and message etc. just touch the Evernote icon and a window will pop up for you to choose the folder you want and then save the page I will try to find a more elegant description later. When I am at a desk and not drinking my latte on the sofa.