Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Another fairly fraught day. It started with a dental appt, and tomorrow will start with another, this time for an implant, a new experience for me and surely far too expensive at my time of life. Greek Helen covered/will cover home base on both occasions.

Then I had an email from Microsoft about renewing my subscription to Office. I did that a couple of days ago – it turned out I had to log on again and install the damn thing. You’d think it could all have been packed into one process. All the money, time and trouble have wrought no noticeable change in the program I use daily.

We went out to lunch at a Japanese place, seriously good, near the Kings Theatre – Helen and I and her three boys (for Mungo is safely home from Beirut) and a dear friend. That wasn’t fraught, it was fun.

After I wrote to you yesterday, I got another picture from another dear person, this time with no embargo attached about showing it to you, so here it is, Hellie and our unborn great-grandchild. It’s due in early June, I believe. Getting plumper and more viable by the day:

Tannehill is coming on nicely. I should divide it at the underarms tomorrow if dentistry doesn’t flatten me. And this week’s skein looks seriously diminished.

I have successfully charted the Museum Sweater, and made a small start at a colour scheme, with pencils. The colour arrangement is rather interesting, and very un-Fair Isle.

There are three pairs of colours, and they stay faithful to each other throughout: Pair A and Pair B for the lozenges, and Pair C for the peeries. But there’s more:

1       Pair A and Pair B keep changing places with each other. If one row of lozenges is striped A.B,A,B,A the next one will be B,A,B,A,B.

2       And furthermore, the “X”’s have the light colours of each pair as the pattern colour, while the lozenges, beside them in the same row, have the dark colours as pattern.

I look forward, as I’ve said, to seeing how all this will work with my colours.

It occurred to me last night that I can attempt some corrugated ribbing one day soon for my weekend stint on the swatch-sweater. Since it’s not meant to pull in, it won’t interrupt the flow of things. The point of the experiment in that case will be to see whether I can stand knitting it.


  1. If you have to go to the dentist, a lunch with your family is a great consolation. And Hellie looks great!

  2. I have used Wendy's method of doing corrugated ribbing and I like it.

  3. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Family lunch sounds fun indeed!
    Your Fair Isle work is so interesting.
    And you are knitting the Tannehill pullover so quickly!
    Dental work is tough. Hope it goes as smoothly as possible.

  4. I have had several dental implants. (I add the word dental because I confused someone by just saying implants and he looked at my chest!) Some went easily, some took me a while to bounce back. REst up and knit.

  5. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Please do have a look at TechKnitter's tips and tricks for corrugated ribbing. Her method removes the drudgery but gives the same end result.