Wednesday, March 08, 2017

I think I am all packed for the EYF, except for the iPad which I will add at the last moment for the sake of its camera (Hazel T. suggests a camera) and the notes I have made about sweater’s-worths of yarn. I found some knitter’s graph paper of my own right here, published by the Schoolhouse Press.

I also found the Sweater Wizard, and it seems to work on this computer. I don’t know which version of Windows I’ve got – not the latest. I can run Lotus Organizer but not, alas, Quicken. Maddeningly, I can’t find Stitch and Motif Maker. It’s far less important, but it’s still frustrating. It must be there somewhere. Helen popped in while I was searching, and was surprised that my computer even had a disk drive. But surely…

The EYF says that Jared will be available for meeting and greeting and signing his new, expensive book – for an hour and a half on Saturday. That doesn’t necessarily mean that he won’t be at his stand on Friday. But probably.

What an extraordinary piece of luck, I keep reflecting, that this wonderful event is right here on my doorstep, considering how constrained my life now is. I would have found it very difficult even to get to Glasgow. There was a not-entirely-successful attempt to do something at Stirling a few years ago. I signed up and paid, but when it got to the time, found that I couldn’t get away from my responsibilities after all.

As for the half-brioche, I finished the body of the sleeve, as hoped, and am well forward with the shoulder strap. After that is a narrow piece which goes around the back of the neck. I’d have polished that off with ease by the weekend, were it not for the EYF and the Calcutta Cup.


  1. I finally made it to Rhinebeck. Maybe next year in Edinburgh!

  2. If Barcelona could be PSG today, anything is possible in sports. Cheering for Scotland here in Texas

  3. Dear Jean I am traveling to Edinburgh this Thursday until Sunday. I will attend the EYF on Saturday only. If l see you (by chance) during my stay I will be the happiest person there. Philhellene