Friday, March 31, 2017

My husband has rather suddenly become seriously deaf, adding another layer of stress to lives (his and mine) which already had plenty. He’ll have his ears syringed on Monday.

But knitting went well. I knit a whole 17-round border from the Museum Sweater into my swatch-scarf, and I like the result a lot. It’s rather subdued, but I am adding what I am sure would be called a pop of colour in the peerie pattern. Just as the original does, although a different colour. I’ve charted another lozenge (chosen at random), again with difficulty. I mean to press on and knit it over the weekend, offset and with the order of the colours reversed, as in the original.

And then I’ll show it to you.

The lozenges are all exactly the same shape, so the “X” part of the design is identical every time. It is just the internal pattern in the lozenges that changes. I found knitting much easier than charting, as I thought it might be. Hazel Tindall said that charting is a good way to get to know a pattern before you start – that could be why the knitting seemed easier when I got to it.

Another thing she said, which I don’t think I’ve mentioned, is that she carries floats across five stitches (or, of course, fewer) and only thinks of weaving-in for six or more. I always used to weave even, I think, for three. But it is not much use paying for a class with Hazel Tindall if you are not going to pay attention to what she says, so I am now letting the floats float. I am pleased and rather surprised to find that my hands remember the slightly complicated moves for weaving in the right-hand yarn when there is a run of too many consecutive stitches from the left hand. The other way around, of course, is easy peasy.

Mary Lou, Ravelry presented me with “Guy’s Vest” under “Friends’ Activity” without my having to make any effort. It’s beautiful. And I see you’ve edged neck and sleeve openings with a peerie pattern. Is that hard? I wonder if I’ve got WG 54.

But I keep having to make a certain amount of effort to get to the other Raveller, besides Maureen, who has knit the Museum Sweater (to look at his pictures again). He’s a man, and his user-name is an utterly unmemorable combination of letters and numbers. I go to Maureen’s project page, always a pleasure, find the Museum Sweater, go to its page, click on “In 2 projects”.

I didn’t know, in my previous Fair Isle Phase several decades ago, all this business about a dominant colour when you are carrying a yarn in each hand. I always used to look at the pattern before I started each round, and use my right hand for whichever colour, pattern or background, had the most work to do. Now I’m doing it the proper way, and it does help a bit to keep confusion at bay to know that the pattern colour is always in the left hand.

Southern Gal (comment Wednesday), your explanation of how to get things into Evernote seemed perfectly comprehensible even without a desk for you to write it at. Thank you. It really is enormously useful, and I must use it more.


  1. Thanks, Jean. not a peerie round the neck and armholes, just a few extra rounds in a contrast at the base of the corrugated rib. I don't weave in for fewer than 7 stitch carries. I also followed your style, using the color with the most stitches in my left hand. Maybe that evens it all out, the sweaters I've done that way look just fine to me, but I'm a bit of a slacker that way.

  2. Jean, if you go to the project page for the second Museum Sweater, there is a button to add it to your favourites (on the right, towards the top). On subsequent Ravelry visits, if you go to 'my notebook' and then 'favourites' it will be listed there.

  3. Jean I am mostly a lurker here, But I do hope your husband's ears are made well soon.

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  5. I think I found it! Based on the info you gave, it might be this:

    Am I correct?

    Cheers from Belgium