Thursday, March 09, 2017

My husband is having some sort of trouble with his catheter. We’re waiting for a nurse.

Otherwise, I’m all set for tomorrow.

Last minute excitement: the EYF emailed me yesterday about a new yarn from Blacker called Samite which will be launched tomorrow. Shetland wool, “Ahimsa” silk, Gotland wool. It sounded sort of lace-weight from the blurb, and I even thought of doing a Houlland (from the Haps book, like Shandy) – but in fact, when yardage is compared to weight, it is far too heavy.

What it does match, almost precisely, is the yarn for Nancy’s Vest. So I shall look at it with that in mind.

“Ahimsa” silk is what happens when the moths have been allowed to grow up and emerge from their cocoons. I would guess that it’s cheaper than the real thing, when the moths are put to death unborn to preserve the cocoon intact. But Blacker crowns the blurb with a wonderful piece of silliness: “We’re thinking about the future of our planet and investing in Ahimsa silk guarantees that there will still be moths to make the silk of the future.”

As if the Chinese, who have been farming silk worms for millennia, hadn’t thought about that.

I’ve finished the basic knitting of the half-brioche, and have made quite good progress with assembly. How old-fashioned it feels, to be sewing knitting together piece by piece! There are only the usual four pieces, but the shoulder strap ensures that there’s lots of sewing.

It’s fun having more knitting to look forward to, placket and collar, as I toil on.

Now I must go polish my shoes and worry about my husband. I’ll report tomorrow if I am strong enough.


  1. I laughed at that line in the Blacker Samite blurb too, Jean.

    SO jealous that you are going to get to the EYF! I hope I can get there some year. It sounds splendid. I hope you have a marvellous time!

  2. Samite is described as a "Light Fingering" or 3ply, and they certainly intend it to be used for lace. I expect that you could use it for Houlland, although you might need two skeins to be on the safe side. Lovely colours available in it.

    Have a wonderful time.

  3. That yarn sounds lovely. And now I've learned what Samite is, since I had to look for the yarn. Have a wonderful day tomorrow! I'll be dreaming enviously.

  4. Have a terrific time, Jean! You can be there representing all of us who aren't able to attend. Honesty forces me to admit I am more than a bit jealous! :-)

    1. Anonymous4:14 PM

      Envious like you, Kristie. Have a wonderful time, Jean!
      -- Gretchen (aka stashdragon)

  5. I'm a bit more than a bit jealous, but I'm so happy you are going and will report back for us.

    Touch all the wonderful yarn and soak in all the colors and sounds!

  6. Enjoy it! Many of us will be seeing EYF through your eyes.

  7. Hope your DH is better today! I too am jealous never having been to Edinburgh or EYF either!!

    Can't wait for the stories!

  8. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Jean have fun at EYF! You mentioned endurance and strength concerns. I wonder if you have ever considered tai chi - if your doctor allows. It is practiced by older people all the time. I have even seen people in senior exercise classes who use walkers so it is never too late. Start slowly. Don't compare with others. Just do the best you are able. So next year you can "kill" the EYF every day! Chloe