Sunday, April 16, 2017

Helen is safely back from her family Easter in Greece, and we have spent enough time over the kitchen table discussing the troubles of the Middle East, and other troubles, closer to home, that I have no time left to write to you. All is well, and the swatch-scarf is moving forward in interesting ways.

A proper post will be forthcoming tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous11:42 PM

    Glad you had a chance to catch up!
    Your readers can wait.
    Looking forward to the photos when you are ready.

  2. CarolM6:51 PM

    A belated Happy Easter. There's still time to celebrate - at least in Buffalo where I've learned today is Dyngus Day. For fun: [I learn so much just by reading your posts and all the comments; I had to share this one!]
    I'm looking forward to your post today and the swatch with the new gray yarn.

  3. Morning Jean! I'm back at my desk after Easter, and am catching up on everything. :)
    A few answers... The Shetland sweater was most definitely knitted in the round. Apologies for the confusion caused by my use of the word seam, but as you suspected it was indeed just short hand for the area under the armpit. The mistake lozenges across the first round of the pattern (they weren't deep enough for the patterns to have a vertical plane of symmetry) are incorrect in the same way on both front and back. The area that could be mistaken for a seam is in fact the start/end of the round. On the inside you can see the yarns knotted together, and on the outside there are incomplete motifs. The garment was cut up the side (on the opposite side) at some point, but the reason for the cut isn't obvious or recorded anywhere. I hope that clears that up a bit. :)
    Thank you so much for your mention of A Year of Techniques too! It is proving to be a lot of fun! Jim and I have written the book, done the commissioning and created all of the content. Kay and Ann over at Mason-Dixon Knitting are writing the foreword for the book as well as hosting the video tutorials for us. They are also the most enthusiastic cheerleaders we could ever have hoped for. :D But the book itself is definitely an Arnall-Culliford Knitwear production.
    While the patterns are released monthly until September, there's absolutely no "joining in" requirement (and I hope no pressure to actually knit anything!), and I hope that the book will be full of useful tips and gorgeous patterns long after this year is over. Please do shout if there were any other queries I've missed. And many thanks again for the mention. :)

  4. Hope all is well with you...

    So that clears that up! I was mistaken. But what a strange thing, to finish the round mid-motif and put that up one side of the body! I am also still surprised by the basic conceit of varying the lozenges so randomly within the rows. This must make it very hard to settle into a rhythm as is usual with Fair Isle.