Saturday, April 22, 2017

It has been a difficult day – my husband sleepy, characteristically disagreeable, uncharacteristically low on appetite. The cat is fine, and I not much behind, although when life contracts like this to the immediate situation, it’s hard to say how one actually feels.

Kirsten, what are we to do without Freecell, after such a day?

Knitting, then.

I have broken my promise to you, to take a picture of the swatch-scarf. I have knit forward with the Tannehill, but not as far as I expected. I’m still a very few rows short of the beginning of the shaping of the second sleeve cap.

“Knitter” arrived today, not yet sufficiently digested, but including an enthusiastic piece about the LYF by Jen A-C. I was struck by the pic of Lucy Hague’s Durrow shawl, which reminded me of the Dunfallandy blankie I knit for great-granddaughter Juliet.

They’re very different. Looking up the links just now for you, I am really rather impressed with how different they are. What they have in common is cables which snake from one square to another, and possibly – but this depends on orientation – horizontal cables. Which Dr. de Roulet, designer of the Dunfallandy, unvented.

The Dunfallandy squares are knit from corner to corner, with the horizontal cables in the middle. Whereas Hague’s squares are knit either centre-out or centre-in so the horizontal-looking cables must have been formed differently.

I think I remember chatting to Lucy (you know how it is) at the launch of KD’s and Jen A-C’s Haps book, and asking whether she knew the Dunfallandy blankie which I was then – or had been recently – engaged with. She didn’t. Elderly memories are not to be trusted.


  1. I have tried starting Lucy Hague's Iona, just to sample her method. When she says that there is a lot going on, she is not joking. Increasing 1 into 7 is one of the challenges. Essentially there is major manipulation of stitches, with elongations and slipped stitches.
    Did you notice Jen's comment some days ago on the fact that the museum sweater was knitted in the round and I was mistaken?
    Hope you have a better day today.

  2. I'm concerned: has your husband's blood sugar been checked today? The situation you describe could well reflect sugars out-of-range.

  3. Freecell-fail yesterday; resorting to Klondike has to be counted as cheating. If I had to clear the dining-room table and lay out the cards it would soon lose its grip! My excuse is that I discovered at the end of the first row of ribbing my top down jumper a purl instead of a a plain halfway round. So I painstaking unknitted and reknitted with much Deep Breathing until it was sorted and hit the computer!
    Hope harmony, accord and peace are restored to you and your household. I am using plotting a novel in my head as relaxation/secret revenge on circumstances of the day. Probably best if it never gets written though.... !

  4. That Lucy Hague design is gorgeous. I am far too lazy for it, though. I did make some swatches of that sort of cabling from the Viking Cables book, ages ago. Fun to play with, but not for the faint of heart. Hope things went more smoothly today.

  5. I have a Dunfallandy blanket in progress at the moment and I'm waiting for the phone call which will tell me I'm a great-aunt. The four central squares are done and I am on the sixth of eight triangles. I'm working it in dark grey so it looks very stone-like and will hopefully not require washing as often as a white blanket.