Monday, April 10, 2017

Here we are. I think the red centres and the lighter grey brighten the whole effect quite a bit.

In the top band, with two red rows, the red has replaced the darker shade; it’s the other way around in the lower band, where there is only one red row. I like the top effect better. Next time I’ll do the same thing – one band with one red row, one with two. But I’ll replace the darker shade with red each time. The result may depend on the pattern in the lozenge, so I’ll go on changing that.

I’ll need to see if I’ve got the new yarns right, too. I’ve tried to keep ball bands, but there is a certain amount of confusion. Some of the yarns I am using are the ones I bought at Jamieson & Smith my own self, that happy day with Kristie and Kath. Others are from the EYF quite recently – and they are Jamieson’s, not J&S.

And I still need to practice corrugated ribbing. Maybe I’ll wind up with a scarf after all.

The picture I took of the side seam doesn’t seem to illustrate much of anything. I’ll try again tomorrow. Kirsten (comment yesterday): I have got three steek stitches at each side, I don’t know why – I have no intention of cutting this thing open. Some book told me to, and I am nothing if not a blind follower. But it does give me somewhere to join in the new yarns, and it does have the effect you mention, of keeping the non-continuous patterns apart from each other.

I bought Heart on My Sleeve yesterday. It’s a good cause, attacking malaria – although I thought Gates had that one covered, financially. And a couple of the patterns, including the cover one, are real possibilities for my yoke sweater with gradient yarns employed in the yoke pattern. The basic pattern in the book is DK, and I’m 4-ply, but I ought to be able to finesse that.

Mary Lou, yes, “Knitting” – not “Knitter”, as I said yesterday -- is a British monthly magazine. I think I have subscribed from the beginning. It’s not terribly good. I have never been tempted to knit anything from it. But it’s young and cheerful and the woman who answers readers’ letters and reviews new yarns used to keep an LYS here in Edinburgh. 


  1. Anonymous11:35 PM

    I too really like that top band, with the two rows of red. Can't wait for the next effort!

    Beverly in NJ

  2. I agree with Beverly. That top band is wonderful!

  3. Chiming in to say I'm with Beverly and Theresa. The red in that top band is terrific!

  4. Me too, liking the two lines of red - although the lozenge with one line looks good too.

  5. Another vote with the crowd.

  6. the top band is wonderful. The one red line seems to cut the pattern in half.

  7. I've been trying to remember to staple a bit of yarn into the ball band for future reference. I am joining the crowd on loving the new arrangement at the top.

  8. Red is my favorite color. So of corse I would be partial. But having it as the accent color really compelements the other colors. The yellow orange was too bright and the red is perfect!

  9. Anonymous4:14 PM

    It's unanimous: the top band is ideal.
    -- Gretchen (aka stashdragon)

  10. =Tamar7:45 PM

    In the top band the red ties it together. The single row in the lower band is traditional. Both are good. I do like the lighter grey.