Thursday, April 20, 2017

I think more and more about what you said the other day, Mary Lou, about your former relationship with mah jong. Freecell is taking up too much of what little remains of my life.

No pic today, despite promises. I’ve finished the lozenge and have embarked on the peerie pattern. I like to leave the swatch-scarf at that point, where I’m ready to snatch it up and embark on the next experiment. I wonder if the original knitter welcomed the peeries as relief from the stress of knitting eight (or however many) different lozenges around the body, or found them a tedious interruption to the intellectual excitement.

My own experience veers towards the latter.

It occurred to me today that perhaps Alexander’s problem with my latest experiment is the slightly Christmassy effect of the red stripe across the middle of the lozenge in conjunction with Flugga white. Perhaps if I went back to the original sub fusc colours and threw in a gentle blue stripe instead.…

I must go back to my Craftsy Fair-Isle-vest class with Mucklestone and try to find and mark the place where she extols the merits of swatching and says, perhaps with a wicked smile, that you may never need to knit a sweater again. Who would have thought that I would be so totally drawn in to a practice I have always avoided? I’m sure it helps that there’s no immediate need for the garment, since (as Alexander’s remark about his winding sheet implies) there’s no immediate (or even remote) prospect of Scotland's winning the Calcutta Cup.

My plan, vaguely, having invested all this time and interest, is to go ahead and knit Alexander a non-Calcutta-Cup vest. Then when we do win, if I’m still capable of knitting, I’ll knit his wife one in the brighter colour-way.

And my more immediate plan, once I’ve finished the current peerie pattern, is to return to my husband’s Tannehill sweater and finish it. What a lot of italics there are in this post!


  1. My current addiction is the free New York Times mini crossword puzzle. You only access it on the day it is available, and then it disappears. I am not good at crosswords, but I can do this one, generally within a minute or two. Then I just have to wait. Maybe if you do a lozenge with the blue then Alexander can choose. I have to say my husband had very strong opinions on the colors in his.

  2. I lasted until Tuesday before launching back into Freecell. Just one game. But severe relapse yesterday. Gonna have to consider going could turkey if I'm ever going to start/finish my novel and all the wips.

  3. One advantage to charting your patterns in excel is you can change the colors. And copy and change so you can compare. It's amazing to see the differences. There is a software charting program I have to find the name of that is brilliant. Will post it.