Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Kirsten, I thought yesterday and earlier this evening that I had encountered the Freecell layout that I couldn’t win. I wished it had had a number, as under the old system, so that I could have told you and we could both have been free of the curse.

But then I cracked it. There is nothing that can help us except self-discipline.

Here’s the Tannehill. I’m very pleased:

When the picture was taken, the sleeves had been sewn in (rather lumpily – I’m counting on blocking to work wonders) and the sleeve seams pinned. By now I have done them, all but an inch or two. That leaves tidying, the neck ribbing, blocking: three more days, insh’Allah, and I should have another FO. A useful one.

I had a very happy moment, in the course of all that. I have been knitting sleeves lately, as you know, and had for the moment forgotten that the body was knit around until being divided at the armpits. So – no side seams! It was a real moment of surprise and delight.

Alexander came to see us today, as often on a Wednesday. I had him try on my husband’s madtosh sleeveless v-neck Whiskey Barrel vest, which looked very well on him. I thought that was a simpler way of establishing size than tape measures and gauge calculations. But the fabrics are so different – Fair Isle sort of stiff, plain-vanilla madtosh adapting itself more cheerfully to the human form.

So the Fair Isle vest should be ever so slightly smaller? Perhaps next Wednesday I’ll employ a tape measure. He approved of my plan of knitting a comparatively sub fusc vest for him now, and a brighter one for his wife when Scotland next win the Calcutta Cup. If any of us live to see the day.

We could go on talking about our cats forever. And what fun it would be! You need to know that every comment is read and treasured.


  1. You sewed in the sleeves before doing the sleeve seams? I sometimes wonder whether the "knit the pieces flat and separately" method came from a time when it could be assumed that people sewed garments on a regular basis.
    Recently, I have been persuaded by the top down sleeve, picked up and short rowed from the armscye. Makes a very neat sleeve-head.

  2. Success! It looks like a wonderfully cozy sweater. Now you can move on to something else guilt-free.

  3. It looks great and the darker stripe looks like a planned rugby stripe.

  4. Beautiful greens:)! Well done you!!!

  5. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Lovely sweater! You knit it so quickly!