Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The final lozenge it is, then. I’ll run that colour scheme through two more lozenges once I’ve got the new yarn, and then, if all is well, it but remains to practice corrugated ribbing. Maybe my swatch-scarf can wind up as an over-long stocking cap.

I like the idea of stapling a bit of yarn to the ball band, Mary Lou. Simple and effective.

Meanwhile, today, I knit zealously on with the Tannehill. I’m ready to shape the top of the first sleeve, which shouldn’t take long. I keep reminding myself that this is my ticket to the future – something wanted and needed, the completion of which will allow me to choose a new project from a wide range of possibilities.

I did some, at least, of the heavy Easter shopping today – cider for me, wine for Rachel (who will be here on Monday), plenty of cat food. Today proved to be the glorious annual moment when English asparagus and Jersey Royal potatoes turn up together. A feast for the gods.


  1. English asparagus is early this year. I have five spears poking their heads out of the ground in my garden, a month earlier than last year.
    I can't remember if anyone else has pointed you to Techknitting's last blog post on corrugated rib.

  2. Oh, asparagus. I'm watching the spot for mine in the garden. It will be a while yet. Enjoy.

  3. skeindalous3:12 PM

    Such a satisfying combination of colors! You have done very well in your choices.