Saturday, April 01, 2017

Thank you for your sympathy, Martha. Deafness really is a great affliction. I can shout replies to my husband’s commands or comments to me, but it’s no use hoping to introduce even an off-hand topic of conversation myself. We can only wait and hope for the results of next week’s syringing.

I had another good day with the Museum Sweater Fair Isle. It remains but to do a second peerie and then, tomorrow surely, I can show you. I continue to be very pleased with the result I’m getting. I’m concerned that I can’t get all my colours in, but maybe that doesn’t matter. There is only room for six. That’s how many Meg has in her video’d Fair Isle vest/cardigan in “Knitting”. And I do tend to put in too much.

I don’t know what to do next. Well, the immediate answer is, have a shot at corrugated ribbing. But after that? This thing is a long way short of a scarf, and I don’t want it to become a burden. For the moment, I’ll go on as before, spending most of the time on Tannehill, taking a day or two off every so often to practice Fair Isle. We’ll see how long the swatch-scarf is when Tannehill is finished.

My hands are getting re-accustomed to stranded colour work, and also to the short circular needle. Maybe I’ll just have to go ahead and knit the vest without the Calcutta Cup.

L. (comment yesterday), you have indeed found the Raveller whose photographs of his Fair Isle sweater – the one I am calling the Museum Sweater – have helped me so much. Now I’ve put that link in Evernote.


  1. I am sorry for the extra burden the deafness places on you. Frustrating, especially coming on suddenly. Maybe you could make the vest with a spot for the cup to be added in duplicate stitch at a later date.

  2. Good luck for the ear syringing - I had a spell of weeks with just one ear not working following an infection, and I was living in a very strange world because of it.
    MaryLou - I had a strange vision as I read your comment - I thought of the vest being knitted with a circular place to rest the tea or coffee cup, and though of dear Vaughan Williams, with his multiple tummies, and usually a cat on each one.

  3. =Tamar6:59 PM

    A short scarf can become a table scarf, a cowl, a purse, a hat, a handwarmer, a small pillow, or a mug warmer. Or a cat toy. Or a wall hanging.