Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Sorry. At my best, I was never very good at multi-tasking, and I’m well below my best by now. We’ve had lots of people about, and have enjoyed a happy time, but not much knitting, less blogging. Rachel was horrified to see how much of her anticipated inheritance is being squandered on top-level cat food, but otherwise, I think, enjoyed herself.

She was very pleased to hear about the General Election, because it will happen just when Hellie and Matt’s baby (=her second granddaughter) is due so she doesn’t need to count any more, the press will do it for her. Sure enough, tonight, “…fifty days until…”

I thought  Ms Sturgeon, although her words were bold, looked a bit uncomfortable on the news last night. I think Scotland is far and away the most interesting place in the UK to be, for this election, but one thinks of the Chinese curse (if true) about living in interesting times. Wikipedia says there is no such Chinese curse.


I think I’m still engaged on the lozenge where last I was to be found. I’ll finish it, I hope, tomorrow, with the following peerie pattern – then a photograph. Alexander joined the party this morning, and as I half-expected he would, preferred the sub-fusc version at the beginning of the swatch-scarf to the livelier lozenges I have been knitting lately.

Sub-fusc would rule out Flugga White.

He does not think there is much prospect of our winning the Calcutta Cup any time soon. “You can use it as my winding sheet,” he said.

But all was a bit noisy and confused this morning, and I was dashing out to the supermarket while there were still people here to sit with my husband. When Alexander comes next week, I can expound the difference between stitch pattern and colour sequence and explain just how I have been experimenting.

We’ve had a Shetland Vintage Project update from Susan Crawford, although it doesn’t get us much forrad’er. She is working again – good news. She hopes to have it ready for the printer by the end of June, although she doesn’t phrase the prediction quite as confidently as that. I have, I am afraid, lost all hope, after being disappointed so often. I am desperately sympathetic with her situation. If a book eventually results, I will be awfully glad.


  1. My late aunt, when pestering me about the Aran sweater I was making for her, commented "If you don't hurry it up, I'll be wearing it for my shroud." She did get to enjoy it, but there was no team victory to rely on.

  2. Glad to hear you're having such an active family time just now. Glad too, I guess, that someone is pleased about the snap election - certainly none of the Brits I heard interviewed for CBC radio.