Thursday, April 06, 2017

I hope you’ve all followed the links provided by Helen (anon) in Comments yesterday, to those posts of Jen Arnall-Culliford’s about the Museum Sweater and the writing of its pattern for Jamieson & Smith. Helen is right that the photographs are excellent, and by no means restricted to the Museum Sweater. And the story is interesting.

I’ve got another lozenge charted, and am straining at the leash in my eagerness to spend another couple of days on Fair Isle. Kate Davies in the Machrihanish sends her “pop” colour, a moss green, across the centre of her OXO patterns in a way I mean to try, alternating OXO’s where it appears in the centre row only with ones in which it is used on either side of the centre row, but not in it.

But her moss green doesn’t “pop” as much as my red will. Try it and you may, I say.

I think I am going -- at least -- to throw a tape measure around Alexander’s chest when he re-appears in Easter week.

But I also think I owe Tannehill another day right now. I have finished the front, a great relief as it was becoming awkwardly large, and have cast on the first sleeve. Another day will see the ribbing finished. I’ve been using two skeins at once on the two sides of the v-neck, but some surreptitious skein-weighing, combined with elementary arithmetic, reveals that I am nowhere near finishing the equivalent of one 100-gram skein this week as I did last week.

All this talk of the Shetland Museum has brought my thoughts back to poor Susan Crawford and the Vintage Shetland Project. I follow her as closely as I can these days, and have at last discovered that the best way to do that is to watch for Tweets. Like following President Trump.

I’ve joined the Stitch in Time group on Ravelry, which has a thread for the Vintage Shetland Project and another for Susan’s Progress, but updates are infrequent there compared to Tweets.

She had hoped to start work on the book again this month. March was tough, as she had been left with painful burns from the radiotherapy. So far, April Tweets have been about daffodils and lambs.


  1. Anonymous12:03 PM

    You definitely have a great team here!
    Very impressed that Helen(anon) could locate those blog posts. Very interesting reading (and viewing photographs).
    Looking forward to seeing your next photos whenever you are ready to post them. The red pops seem good to me.

  2. Now I've been pondering my shetland stash bin. I have become a much lazier knitter, or maybe just more desirous of the more portable projects.