Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I must be brief, again. It's late.

No yarn yet. It was dispatched from J&S on Monday. I hoped for it a little bit yesterday, and a bit more today. I’ll be disappointed if it doesn’t turn up tomorrow. Normal, post-Easter life will resume next week, and Alexander will be back. I’d like to have a couple more lozenges to show him.

I finished the first sleeve of the Tannehill today, and the ribbing for the second. I spent much of the day worrying about what to do if I finished that first sleeve with only a little bit of yarn left from the fifth skein. Obviously, the only sensible thing to do would be to start the second sleeve with a new skein, to avoid unnecessary joins.

But that would be cheating! Those skeins are the milestones by which I measure progress. I couldn’t possibly start the sixth if even a yard of the fifth remained.

However, it proved a (mental) fuss about nothing. The fifth skein expired in the antepenultimate row of the first sleeve.

All the skeins seem remarkably uniform except that one that makes a dark line across the middle of the body. I could have saved myself some trouble by paying attention (as I will have two or three skeins left over).

I have been fretting about Susan Crawford. The burns she suffered during radiotherapy are still bandaged, after more than a month, but she feels she is slowly regaining strength. She doesn’t seem to be working. Lambing is going well.

What I fret about is that the Vintage Shetland book is, for her, nothing but work and expense. She’ll have to pay the printer and the post office and there’ll be relatively little money coming in as a reward, because it has come in already. She grumbled once, in a dispatch to crowdfunders before she fell ill, that getting all the books wrapped up and dispatched was going to be tough. Much tougher, now.


  1. =Tamar11:16 PM

    If the books get printed, I will be happy to order one. I am not a crowdfunder. So she has one sale to look forward to. If only I weren't several thousand miles away I could offer to help, but such is life.

    Hooray for skeins working out neatly.

  2. I will order a book, too!

  3. I think there is a market out there for the book when it is printed, but the mechanisms for getting out a self-published book are lots of work, much of it physical. Maybe she could crowdsource a day of packing and shipping. I'll buy a book, certainly.

  4. I've been out of radio contact, as we used to say. I thought that one of the more interesting features of that vintage sweater from the museum was that it had been knitted flat, in pieces and seamed. Also, I am interested to see that the lozenge patterns vary within the rows. Do they alternate between two different filling patterns, or are there more than two in each row? I don't think that I have seen this before.