Sunday, May 07, 2017

Another bad day on the health front.

I did get to spend 20 minutes or so on the front step, as I have been promising myself for some time, advancing – not, alas! very far – this year’s garden. Neighbours came by, and stopped to chat. The sun shone. I almost felt that it would be worth having two Novembers in the year, for the sake of one May.

Knitting went well. You’re absolutely right, Lisa (comment yesterday) – it’s best to correct a mistake. My Polliwog is now well past the point discussed yesterday, and it will soon be forgotten. I have wound the skein of contrast yarn and embarked on the stripes and am very pleased with what is happening. Pic soon.

I’ve done a bit more Andrew and Andrea. I’m pretty well up to date with recent episodes – a couple abandoned due to tedium, but remarkably little. I’m doing some catching up: I think their more recent episodes are better, brisker, and more professional.

A&A have launched a KAL in which the idea is to knit something for oneself and something for a Loved One, which are in some way related. Not a bad idea at all – although I feel myself too old for it. I’d like to knit something for Hellie and Matt’s soon-to-be-born baby, for instance, and something related for her cousin Juliet O., above. But not for ME.

I think, apart from my beloved Relax, that I knit for myself mainly when I want to try out an idea which wouldn’t interest (to put it politely) anyone else. There are some horrors in my drawer.


  1. My horrors went to new homes...I love the idea of making something for the two cousins. I had an aunt who used to make related but not the same outfits for my sisters and I and for my cousin and I. She was quite the knitter, too. Sadly, she died quite young, or I imagine I could have learned a great deal from her. I did get her needles.

  2. Anonymous4:28 PM

    I have been knitting small toys for each of my second cousins' new babies. So far the same toy in different stripes and colours.

    I used to try to knit cardigans for new babies but it was hard to get the sizing right if I knit as slowly as I usually do. For a while I was using vintage Patons patterns before I realized the sizes were totally out of synch with modern babies.

    Whatever you knit for the great-grandchildren will be very much appreciated!