Wednesday, May 17, 2017

There is little to report today, but there is something.

I finished the sewn bind-off on the front of my Polliwog. And I gather, that’s that, no shoulder seams. It was slow, even after I had mastered it. It’s a four-step process. Only two of the steps actually eliminate a stitch, but the yarn has to be drawn through after each step and of course I had left myself too long an end.

Still, it’s done, and looks extremely nice, and is very flexible.  I’ve joined the yarn to the back and started knitting upwards.

The German short-row technique is also brilliantly successful. It remains to be seen whether I can bring off the rest of this increasingly interesting pattern. The baby, remember, is due at about the same time as the British General Election – so, by now, she’s very nearly full term. But she’s got her shawl, to come home from hospital in. She can wait a week or two for her Polliwog.


I have been rather hankering after a strawberry pot for the front step, while at the same time fearing that it would be a tremendously naff addition. (Naff: British slang, today meaning uncool, tacky, unfashionable) When Helen and I went to Homebase a couple of days ago, they didn’t have any strawberry pots, therefore something of a relief for anyone who was worrying about my image.

But this evening Helen came by, with Perdita’s favourite catfood which has been out of stock in Waitrose and Tesco recently – and a strawberry pot.

A photograph tomorrow, along with one of the olivewood bowl from Athens.


  1. Strawberry pots are fine. It's the ceramic donkey with panniers which carry soil and succulents you need to be wary of.

  2. Who cares what the neighbors think if you have fresh strawberries? I glad the sewn bind off worked. There are other ways to do that tubular bind-off, this seems simplest to me. You are on the home stretch, for sure.

  3. Life's too short to worry about naff. If you want a strawberry pot you should have one. Who makes up these "naff" rules anyway?

  4. Oh well done, Helen! I'd like a strawberry pot for my front step too! I did get a gooseberry for the back of the garden and it seems to be enjoying the seclusion. There are a number of thorny brambly things back there. Now at least one of them will compensate for its prickliness with some fruit.
    Nuff would be if Helen had brought you one of these!

  5. German short rows turn out very nicely, don't they. I was happy to learn them recently for shoulder shaping on the Origami Vest.

  6. Anonymous12:30 PM

    I believe you have reached an age where you no longer need concern yourself with “naff.” Have fun and glower at the naysayers!

  7. Anonymous1:55 PM

    CKP and Isabella are absolutely right, of course, but these days social media are widespread and virulent that the naff police are incredibly intrusive - even for those of us not on twitter. More than ever we need to strengthen our intestinal fortitude. So buy away - whether it be strawberry pots, macrame plant hangers or (admittedly questionable) Lambrusco wine from the 70s - although I've heard that it's been improved. Chloe

  8. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Also, can't wait to see the olivewood bowl. Chloe