Monday, May 01, 2017

Another tough day here. My husband has spent most of it in bed. Does that portend a night of lively conversation? We shall see.

Wikipedia seems to say that there are some unwinnable Freecell layouts. I thought Alexander told me that mathematicians believed the opposite, but couldn’t prove it. I’m still stuck, anyway.

As for knitting…

The only thing I could possibly actually do, is to go on with the swatch-scarf, so I did that. I charted a couple more lozenges, and pressed on. Obviously, this famous vest will only use eight or so (at the most), but I might as well go on swatching with a different lozenge each time.

Carol Sunday – oh! I do love Carol Sunday! – lured me in the other day, and produced a quotation from Marc Chagall which I cannot now locate –  to the effect that colours near each other on the colour wheel are good friends, but that what they really love is the colour opposite. That should mean that my current swatch-attempt, with blue shot through the middle, should be sensational. We shall see. I hope to have it ready to show Alexander on Wednesday.

There is much to be said about podcasts (especially --  a whole new world for me) and sleeves (Shandy) and goodness knows what else. I must try to re-arrange my day and write to you earlier in it.


  1. Re sleeves. Thought I would get the ball rolling. Mary Lou - of course there is no one "right" way.
    These days I rarely knit a full, fitted garment but, when I do, sewing in the sleeves can let the whole production down. I prefer to knit flat, on straight needles (No "Right" way, right?) I found the tutorial for top-down set-in sleeves produced by ByGumByGolly made it all clear for me. I used this method to knit in the sleeves on my Skye cardigan, and on Signild. Essentially, it's a matter of short rows.
    Your Tannehill sweater looks very sleek, and I am sure fits impeccably. For the record, I would have seamed the sleeves, turned the sweater inside out and then pinned the sleeves into the armholes, matching the seams and sleeve heads before easing in any fullness elsewhere. But your method seems to have worked well.

  2. Shandy that is how I learned to set in fabric sleeves. (Painfully, as I recall!) In sweaters, I like to sew the sleeve caps in first, then the sleeve and side seams. I did a little outline of my process on the blog a few years ago. I like to do the top down set-in as well, I'll have to look at that tutorial. Always something new to learn!