Saturday, May 06, 2017

Not too bad a day. My husband, at least, no worse.

The Polliwog seems to be cursed. I was well advanced on the first instruction (on the second attempt): knit eight rounds in k1, p1 rib. Then I discovered that at some point, about round 4-5, I had turned around in my tracks (it happens).

I spent a while wrestling with the problem. The mistake could probably be fudged. BUT 1) doesn’t a great-granddaughter deserve better? 2) doesn’t Sweet Georgia yarn from the EYF deserve better? 3) doesn’t Mary Lou, who designed the pattern, deserve better? And I remembered the valuable maxim I learned from the nun who was headmistress of the school where I used to teach Latin: “If in doubt, take it out.”

So I started a third time.

I’ve watched a bit more Andrew-and-Andrea but must stop for fear of overdosing. It is possible to stir the porridge with one hand while cradling the iPad in the crook of the other arm, but I agree that on the whole video podcasts take up a lot of valuable time. This one rather redeems itself by having segments which are seriously visual: how to pick up stitches around a neckline, for instance.

And Andrea (admittedly prone to verbosity) is very good on the interviews. She clearly does her homework, she asks the questions we need to have answered. I enjoyed Tom of Holland, whose class alas! alas! I never got to at EYF ’16 – and isn’t that Kate Davies’ Rams and Yowes blankie in the background? And Oliver Henry – older than when we met him sorting wool in the shelter next to the shop three years ago, Kristie – actually showed us the Museum Sweater for a moment. The Museum’s own replica? or the one which advertises Jen A-C’s pattern on the Jamieson&Smith website? – whether those are individual or identical garments. 


  1. Anonymous12:06 AM

    I used to tend to impatience in knitting and never wanted to rip out to correct mistakes. But then the mistake would bother me later ...
    So yes I agree, better to take it out and solve the problem now.
    Hope Sunday is calm!

  2. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Such a cute pattern. Can't wait to see your version. Chloe

  3. This made me smile, Jean. I always tell my students that I am not the worlds greatest technical knitter, but that I can fudge better than anyone!

  4. Oliver showed the J&S version of the Museum Sweater, I can tell by the bands, they have white stripes through them. The other one has corrugated rib. I've knit the J&S version in a vest using the Heritage yarns, I was wearing it when we toured there and he pointed it out when he got to this part of his talk. LOL
    Looking forward to seeing you (hopefully) next month!

  5. Following your example, I have started on a waistcoat using a variety of lozenge patterns. I am always surprised by how the background colour really sets the tone of the whole piece, specifically whether it looks vintage or modern, masculine or feminine. And you are right about how the whole lozenge needs to be completed before you can tell.