Thursday, May 11, 2017

That was another fairly difficult day, although not quite as bad as some.

I didn't get much knitting done. I think the first section of the Polliwog still needs another pair of rows before I can move forward. Nor have I taken the promised photograph. I’m very pleased with what’s happening – I can tell you that much.

I have set myself to watch Andrew&Andrea from the beginning – that’s not too arduous, as they only started last year. They have undoubtedly improved as they have progressed. There are a few tedious passages in the early episodes which I fast-forward through. Not many.

Andrea is terribly keen on Alice Starmore, and has knitted some beauties. I’ve got quite a few Starmore books – and I took a class with her once, in London, on Celtic cables  – but I don’t think I’ve ever knitted anything of hers. For many years the Stillwater pattern, in her book of the same name, was at the head of my wish-list.  But eventually I tried it and found that I couldn’t get into any sort of rhythm with the pattern. What happened to the yarn?

I have looked at it again over the last couple of days. I still think it is utterly beautiful. It doesn’t look as if it should be impossible to establish a rhythm.

I don’t think either Alice or Jade turn up as guests on the Andrew-and-Andrea show, despite very substantial promotion of their patterns and yarn. Maybe next week.


  1. I had yarn for a sweater in one of the Starmore books, I realized I wasn't getting to it in this lifetime and sold it on ebay. I hope it made it into a sweater! Wishing you a smoother weekend.

  2. When I first saw "Celtic Knitting" I thought it was the most beautiful pattern book I had ever seen - the landscapes, the jewellery, the heavy eye make-up - not to mention the wonderful use of colour. However, I have only ever used the cable patterns as elements in throws. I would like to be able to use motifs from the Fair Isle charts but they are just too busy with symbols. I'd not seen Stillwater before - it certainly is lovely, but I suspect that the motifs lack symmetry so it will be hard to get into a flow in your knitting. Also, Andrea seems very skilled at customising shapes to fit neatly. This would add to the challenge with a colourwork sweater.
    PS Mosaic courses on Pelion sounds like a dream job. Well done, Helen.

  3. I also started Stillwater; I think I got to the armhole steek. I don't remember why I abandoned it.

  4. =Tamar7:18 PM

    About the issue of rhythm: can you study the graphs to see whether there is a rhythm eventually? Failing that, another swatch scarf (or cap, or wristlets) might be a way to investigate. Since it would only be to check the pattern for rhythm, the colors need not be the same.