Sunday, May 21, 2017

This has been another difficult day. If I suddenly drop off the radar, don’t worry. I have cancelled the walk I was to go on tomorrow with our niece. Next weekend, I was hoping to go to Strathardle with Helen and her family; care arranged here. That hangs in the balance.

Pippa Middleton seems to have had a successful wedding. It will be interesting to see, in the next few days, whether the family has sold out to Hello! magazine to recoup some of their expenditure. Understandable, if so; splendid, if not.

Helen heard the pipes at Holyrood Palace this morning when she was walking her dog, and wondered if the Middleton celebration had reached this far north. I’m pretty sure it was for the Princess Royal (Princess Anne, who is a good egg) and the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland (an important annual event).

I’ve done virtually no knitting, and about the same amount of Andrew & Andrea.

Please go see Mrs A’s website for Arne & Carlos’ birds (comment yesterday). They are enchanting.

MaureeninFargo (comment yesterday) – you’re absolutely right. I’ve got Deborah Newton’s book, and it’s good, and that’s why her name is familiar. (And, oddly, it’s on the shelf where it belongs.) She was excellent with Andrea on the podcast – lots of first-rate specific advice about measuring and fitting delivered with great good cheer.


  1. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Every time I say i will refrain from commenting for a while so as not to become too obnoxious as a lurker, you go and write a blog of such high relevance to me, Jean, that i can't stop myself. So (1) I stumbled on A&C's amazing Bird book at a bookstore just last week and also wanted it for coffee table display, as Mrs. A wrote. Great inspiration, if nothing else, and an example to all and sundry of what knitting can do; (2) when a book maintains its rightful place on the shelf it's usually because I haven't cracked it open in a long time which for some reason always amuses me; and (3) just finished the Deborah Newton segment myself yesterday and was happy to see, after all these years of observing her work, that she was such a delightful, as well as informative, person. Whew! Done. Chloe

    1. Well, I enjoy your posts here Chloe; no need to censor yourself as far as I can see!

  2. Jean, sending smooth sailing thoughts your way. I love the photos of the little birds, although I can't imagine I'll ever make one. I still haven't even attempted the little Bear in a Bunny suit from Drop Dead Easy.

  3. Jean,
    you have inspired an entire group with your writing and I find myself coming back to see what interesting comments have appeared.
    I hope a little time away with Helen will be possible next weekend.
    Sending positive thoughts.

  4. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Jean, I hope you don't mind if I use your comments section to say thank you to KayT. I will relax a little about this now. And continue to enjoy this wonderful little community that you created. Chloe